Commonwealth Education Cost Scholarships

Commonwealth Education Cost Scholarships

A scholarship provided by the Australian Government to assist Indigenous students with the costs of studying at university. The total value is $2637.

Total scholarship value


Number offered

Variable (Depending on funding)

Ashley Paxton

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business

Ashley Paxton: It eases the financial burden

As a scholarship recipient, I have peace of mind knowing that I won’t finish my degree under a mountain of debt.

Am I eligible?

You must be one of the following:

  • An Indigenous Australian

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Commencing full-time undergraduate student in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or Graduate Diploma of Education at a Monash campus in Australia (including the Diploma of Tertiary Studies)
  • Have a low income
  • You are not eligible if you have previously completed the requirements of a bachelor's degree or high-level award, unless such an award is a prerequisite to the current undergraduate course of study (e.g. completing a bachelor's degree and then enrolling in an honours degree).
  • The maximum duration you can have access to one or more Commonwealth scholarships is a total of eight scholarship periods (i.e. twice yearly for up to four years).
  • You may hold a Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship and Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship concurrently but not sequentially.


  • $2,637 for one year only (48 credit points)

Number offered

  • Varies (Depending on funding)

Selection criteria

  • This scholarship is awarded based on need.

To retain this scholarship:

  • You must maintain full-time on-campus enrolment, and verify this each semester.

How to apply

Every scholarship may have a different application process – or none at all. Read the application details carefully and submit your application by the deadline. For more details, visit our scholarships application page.