Monash Minds

Monash Minds is a prestigious leadership program for first year Monash students who are recipients of the Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement, or the Monash Scholarship for Excellence, or the Monash Prize.

Together with other high-achievers, students spend their time during the first year at university identifying and strengthening their leadership attributes and having opportunities to attend special events and presentations. Monash Minds will test participants in new and exciting ways.

The aim of Monash Minds, and Monash in general, is to make a difference to students' lives, so that they can make a difference to the lives of others. The program embodies the Monash ethos of engagement with the communities that we serve, in this case by cultivating the next generation of leaders. The key themes of the program are:

  • Leadership in context of own personal values
  • Emphasis on self-discovery
  • Thinking about leadership challenges – come with an open mind
  • Find personal direction and passion.

Participants will be required to attend a one-day conference early in the year that explores personal values in respect to leadership and attend five evening seminars across the year given by prominent leaders in the community, which will inspire participants to pursue their passion for leadership.

To find out more about Monash Minds, contact Tammy Fitzgerald, Director – Strategic Projects, Campus Community Division (03) 990 34453 or email