When will I receive the outcome of my application?

Assessment of a complete application generally takes 1-4 weeks. If your application is successful you will receive an offer letter along with instructions on how to accept your offer.

Do I need to submit any other supporting documents?

Monash Admissions will contact you if any additional documents are required to complete the assessment of your application. You can also submit additional documents at any time to support your application via your portal or through your agent (if applicable), alternatively, you can email

My application was unsuccessful. What now?

If your first course preference was unsuccessful, we will assess you for the next preference as stated on your application form. If you are not eligible for any of Monash undergraduate courses, we may offer you a place in a Monash pathway program, such as Foundation Year or Diploma.

How will my application be assessed?

We assess your application against the minimum age, English and academic entry requirements. If your application is successful, we will make you a full offer. We will email this to you and to your agent, if you have one.

I’ve got a conditional offer. What does that mean?

If we are not able to make you a full offer immediately, you may receive a conditional offer. A conditional offer means you must submit more information before we can send you a full offer.

Usually, the information we need is final academic transcripts, the results of an English exam, or graduation certificate. Your conditional offer should clearly state all the required additional information.