December Domestic round course offers

Monash will be making as many offers as possible to VCE and QCE students in the 2019 December Round, including offers to Monash Guarantee and SEAS eligible students.

More offers will be made in January 2020 - so don’t rule out a course just because you didn’t receive an offer in December.

We can’t tell you exactly what ATAR each course will go down to, as this will depend on how many applicants apply for each course. The best indicator is the Lowest Selection Rank to which an offer was made, which you can find for each course on our Study website. Keep in mind, this should be used as a guide only.

Alternatively, you can go to our *ATAR and SEAs calculator to find out your course options at Monash.

*The ATAR calculator will scale your raw study scores based on last year’s VTAC data to generate your estimated ATAR.

More information about the December Offer Round can be found here or by visiting the VTAC website.

Courses participating in 2019 December Domestic Offer Round

Courses not participating in 2019 December Domestic Offer Round