Student profiles

Ashlee Collett

Ashlee Collett

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts

Being from a low socio-economic area and an underrepresented school, I only knew a few people who had been to university. I didn’t know how accessible a university education was, or what opportunities were available to me after VCE. No one in my immediate family has gone on to higher education so we viewed it as a very prestigious and exclusive pursuit.

The Monash Guarantee and SEAS entry schemes gave me the confidence to apply for my dream course during VCE. It gave me hope that I could attend university and explore my interests.

Fair and equitable access to education means that anyone can pursue their passions through hard work. Since becoming a Monash student, I have realised that the students can come from anyplace and anywhere in the world.

I have found that the Monash environment encourages learning, which unites our diverse body of students. Being at Monash has helped me discover many possibilities for my future, and combine my passion for Science and Arts. I hope to continue on to graduate studies and research in genome analytics, and make a difference in the field through improving disease screening, developing a treatment or otherwise.

Xenia Sanut

Xenia Sanut

Bachelor of Arts

Studying at Monash has opened up opportunities for me to volunteer, work, meet and connect with some extraordinary people. I’ve developed so many important skills professionally and personally, that I can use throughout my life.

Having grown up in the Philippines, my family and I were not familiar with VCE or higher education in Australia. I knew I wanted to go to university in pursuit of my career and passion. However, I was attending an underrepresented school with limited resources to support this pursuit.

This made me eligible for the Monash Guarantee entry scheme. I was able to study my dream course at Monash and access the experiences I wanted regardless of my socioeconomic background, where I lived, or where I attended school.

I received the Monash Leaders Scholarship for demonstrating leadership and commitment through my involvement in the Access Monash mentoring program. The scholarship has helped me cover the costs of travelling to and from campus, as well as the costs of my Global Immersion Guarantee study abroad trip in China, which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

My studies have helped me to understand development in a global context and how it affects communities and culture. Someday, I’d love to work in a media and communications role centred in the Asia-Pacific using the skills and connections I made at Monash.

Jacob Maynard

Jacob Maynar

Bachelor of Engineering

During VCE, I had great teachers who encouraged me to embrace my abilities and fostered my passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). I was unsure about my ability to achieve the entry scores needed for a STEM degree at Monash. Learning about the Monash Guarantee and SEAS entry schemes gave me a lot more confidence and made the courses I was looking at seem far more achievable.

Coming from an underrepresented secondary school, the Monash Guarantee gave me an equal opportunity to pursue my dream career and to overcome the barriers I faced on my study journey.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from university as I didn’t know many people who had studied at university. While completing my VCE studies, the Strengthening Engagement and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (SEAMS) program by Access Monash introduced me to the idea of studying engineering. The program gave me great insight into university life and motivated me to get into my dream course.

I received a scholarship through being a student mentor in the Access Monash mentoring program. Having participated as a VCE mentee myself in this program, I’m grateful for this opportunity to give back as a Monash student and help other VCE students pursue their dream careers.

At Monash, I’m surrounded by inspiring and passionate people, and learning from leading professionals in my field. In the future I want to apply what I’ve learnt to help advance modern technology and design novel solutions to current problems in society, particularly around sustainability.

Jesse Gawne

Jesse Gawne

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science

I come from a family of successful dairy farmers in regional Victoria. Growing up there, I attended an underrepresented school which made me eligible for the Monash Guarantee. I always intended to go on to university study, but the required entry scores seemed intimidating.

Through the Monash Guarantee entry scheme, I received a place at Monash. It allowed me to get into my dream course without disadvantage from the circumstances I had little control over. Fair and equitable access to education is so important to support diverse, creative, and talented students in reaching their full potential.

My experience at Monash has been nothing short of amazing. I’m receiving a well-rounded education in my combined interests in Chemistry and Economics, which is opening up career paths I never thought possible. I’ve been able to get involved in extracurricular activities such as the Science Future Leaders program, Access Monash mentoring program, and the Science Peer Mentoring program. In the future, I hope to enjoy a rewarding career and possibly continue on to graduate study.