Pre-arrival briefings

We want you to feel comfortable at Monash University from the moment you get started. Pre-arrival briefings are held each semester for commencing international students. Their families are invited to participate in the briefings as well.

Our webinar will provide important information for you and your family about settling into life at Monash. You'll have the chance to hear from senior students about their experience at Monash.

Topics include:

  • adapting to the university education system
  • what to pack and not to pack
  • prepare for arrival - what you need to know to get started and access relevant support services
  • accommodation advice and support
  • safety and security
  • orientation activities
  • working while studying
  • current students discuss their experience - cultural differences, life in Australia
  • support services and programs to keep you connected with the University community

Why attend a pre-arrival briefing?

These briefings give you the opportunity to ask questions and hear from other Monash students before you start.

The webinars are delivered in English and you and your family will be able to submit questions to our staff and students. Because everybody will be applying for different courses, we won’t be providing specific course information. In the meantime, you may like to check out our videos and podcasts of students discussing their experiences of leaving their home country and preparing for Monash.

If you want to know more

Destination Monash is a comprehensive handbook for international students commencing at Monash.

Download Destination Monash (PDF, 1.72 MB)