Monash English Bridging Program

Monash English Bridging Program

The Monash English Bridging (MEB) helps you achieve the English language requirements to pursue your academic ambition at Monash University. This program has been designed for students who have met the academic requirements for Monash, but who have narrowly missed the English language requirements. Upon successful completion of the Monash English Bridging program, you will gain direct entry into a Monash University degree without further testing such as IELTS1 .

1If you do not study Monash English Bridging, to start a Monash University degree, you will need to sit an IELTS test.

Intake for October 2021

  • MEB program commencement date: Saturday 12 June 2021
  • Program completion date: Saturday 18 September 2021

Intake for April 2022*

  • MEB program commencement date: Saturday 15 January 2022
  • Program completion date: Saturday 23 April 2022

*Dates are subject to change

Program overview

  • Delivery mode: Combination of online teacher-led instruction and self-directed learning
  • Class hours: Approximately 12 hours distributed across each week, including Saturdays plus self-access modules
  • Fee: Rp. 20,800,000
  • Location: The program will be delivered online through the Monash Virtual Classroom
  • Flexible part-time schedule to meet the needs of working professionals
  • Teacher-led instruction delivered by a qualified and Monash approved English language teacher

Delivery schedule*

Tuesday              6.30pm – 8.30pm WIB

Wednesday        6.30pm – 8.30pm WIB

Thursday            6.30pm – 8.30pm WIB

Saturday             9am – 1.30pm WIB

Completion of additional self-access lessons and homework is required each week

* The delivery schedule is subject to change

MEB entry requirements


6.0 (writing 6.0, no band lower than 5.0).

TOEFL iBT/TOEFL Special Home Edition

69 (writing 21, speaking 14, listening 5, reading 5).


50 (writing 50, speaking 36, listening 36, reading 36).

Duolingo English Test

95 Plus performance in long turn answers. Long turn answers consist of speaking and writing components and are graded by Monash College.


169 (writing 169, no band lower than 154).

What can you gain from Monash English Bridging?

  • Benefit from learning subject-specific language terms specific to your degree program and be better prepared to meet the English standards required for your destination courses
  • Gain confidence in academic skills from the improvement of English proficiency
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills
  • Expand social skills and be part of an international community
  • Study with like-minded students with similar destination courses
  • Adjust to an Australian-university educational culture
  • Feel more supported through a personalised learning plan and the ability to track your own progress
  • Targeted feedback on your learning and progress

Course content

As a Monash English Bridging student, you’ll develop the skills required to prepare you for your Monash University program to:

  • Communicate effectively in social conversations, academic discussions and presentations
  • Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Improve your writing, reading and listening skills
  • Understand, apply and explain theories in your degree program
  • Write summaries and short reports in an academic style
  • Understand and use academic conventions
  • Learn how to respond to feedback
  • Become a self-directed learner

Course assessment

Throughout the program you will be expected to complete both small group assessments and individual assessments. Students who are unsuccessful in passing the MEB program will be able to repeat the assessment module of MEB as long as you meet the repeat criteria


Do I need to sit an English language test to enrol into Monash University Indonesia Master programs?

Each Monash University Indonesia program has minimum English language entry requirements. Students who have met the academic requirements for Monash, but who have narrowly missed the English language requirements can enrol into the Monash English Bridging program where they will develop the English language and academic skills required for pursuing graduate and higher degrees of research courses at Monash – without the need to sit for a further IELTS test to enter their degree program.

How can I complete an English program if I am currently working full time?

The Monash English Bridging program will be delivered in part time mode online through a blend of self-access materials and teacher-led instruction with flexibility to study outside standard business hours  .

What if I do not achieve results required to progress to my Master program?

Students who fail an assessment task may be able to resit the task if they meet the resitting criteria.

Students who do not meet requirements prior to the commencement of their Master program may be able to defer their studies and enrol in the next intake of the MEB.

Do I need to apply for the Monash English Bridging (MEB) program if I don’t meet English entry requirements for Monash University Indonesia Master programs?

No, you don’t need to. You will be given a packaged offer (MEB + Monash University Indonesia Master program) when you qualify for it. For entry requirements into the MEB program, please refer to the MEB entry requirements table above.

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“Monash English Bridging Program is a program that helps prospective students to improve their English skills as well as the much-needed features of the academic world. The learning process is solid, structured and challenging, which forces us to study more independently and more actively, I’m sure everything you get in this program is useful to adapt to the academic process.”

Agung Prasetyo participant of the 2018 MEB Indonesia program