The benefits of university education

Improve your prospects for work and life

  • University graduates earn over 70 per cent (nearly $1 million) more in their lifetime than those who complete year 12 alone (Grattan Institute 2012).
  • University graduates are more likely to find employment (Graduate Careers Australia).
  • University graduates are prepared for the future world of work, which will demand adaptable employees with broad skills (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016).

Learn and discover

  • University education exposes students to new research and technology.
  • Studying at university encourages creative and independent thought.
  • Students are given the chance to travel and experience life overseas through study abroad programs.
  • University life exposes students to other cultures and backgrounds.

Achieve and excel

  • Students conquer intellectual challenges and develop a sense of achievement.
  • University builds initiative and leadership skills that can be used for life.

Establish professional connections

  • University is where students build their first adult networks.
  • Students meet friends and mentors that become future contacts and colleagues
  • Students mix with inspiring academic staff who are leading experts in their field.