How schools and teachers can get involved

Information for current teachers

Teachers and schools interested in getting involved

Monash Extension welcomes enquiries from teachers interested in Monash Extension and schools interested in hosting a centre. We would be delighted to visit your school to discuss the details in depth. Teachers who run an Extension Centre in their school gain valuable personal development, and can add the fact that they have taught a university subject to their resume.

What is expected of a host school?

Host schools play an important role in Monash Extension. We provide the schools with all teaching materials, and support teachers. Schools should:

  • sign an agreement with Monash Extension (Email for a sample)
  • promote the program within their school and local networks
  • ensure student applications are complete
  • provide a mentor for each student
  • provide a suitable teaching venue outside normal school hours
  • be willing to take students from other schools. All secondary school centres run at schools should allow students from surrounding areas to join in Monash Extension classes.

Teachers should:

  • provide a detailed CV
  • liaise with Monash academic staff regularly.


For the host school, benefits include:

  • the opportunity to expand your gifted program and engage your high achievers
  • the ability to claim for admin costs - up to $30 per student per semester for photocopying and administration related fees.

For teachers, benefits include:

  • professional development
  • access to Monash University libraries and Monash online
  • a Monash teaching email address and online teaching tools
  • payment of $79.15 per hour.