Games Development

Foundations of 3D

VCE Units 3 and 4 prerequisite study (or concurrent enrolment) - any mathematics

At the completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  • evaluate and assess techniques used in the 3D creation process;
  • research, evaluate and implement 3D geometry, 3D texturing and 3D rendering techniques;
  • develop and modify 3D models and 3D environments;
  • design, create and detail 3D models and 3D scenes for diverse media.

Fundamentals of C++

VCE Units 3 and 4 prerequisite study (or concurrent enrolment) - any mathematics

At the completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  • design, implement, compile, execute and debug programs using fundamental C++ constructs;
  • apply fundamental programming control structures, including conditional statements, iteration and recursion to solve programming problems;
  • apply object-oriented design principles, including inheritance and polymorphism, to solve programming problems;
  • create C++ programs using pointers to demonstrate an understanding of efficient memory use and management;
  • troubleshoot C++ program code using an Integrated Development Environment and its tools.

2019 Study locations

Monash University, Clayton Campus

2019 Class times

Please note that students undertaking Extension Studies need to have flexible extracurricular activities as there is no guarantee a uni class will have the same timetable for both semesters. (Eg Your class may run Tuesday afternoon in Semester 1 and Thursday afternoon in Semester 2.)

Students need to be able to fit their other commitments (such as part-time work and sport) around Extension Studies, making Extension a priority.

We will do our best to ensure classes run after school hours, but this may not always be possible. Students are advised of their timetable as soon as it is confirmed so they can organise their personal commitments around their Extension study.

Semester 1 Timetable*:

  • 1 x 3 hour COMPULSORY weekly tutorial
    • Students to choose one option from:
      • Wednesday OR Thursday OR Friday 3pm-6pm
  • 1 x 1 hour weekly lecture (Students are recommended to attend in person, or they can live stream and catch up online.)
    • Thursday 11am-12pm

Semester 2 Timetable*: Available in early June, 2019 (Students can expect 2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of labs (studio) per week)

* Please note timetables are subject to change

Recognition for prior learning

When you enrol in a Bachelor’s degree at Monash, your Extension units can be used for course credit if they are compatible with the degree in which you enrol.

Students who have successfully completed Games Development Extension may be eligible to apply to have the credit points of one (6 points) or both (12 points) of their Extension units to count towards the course requirements for:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Other double degrees with Information Technology
  • As electives in a Bachelor of Computer Science
  • As electives in any single degree

Any units credited will show on your academic transcript as either 6 or 12 points against the course code of the degree in which you are enrolled. Students can apply for credit once they have enrolled in their undergraduate degree.

Students may also be able to credit their Extension study towards Bachelor degrees at other tertiary institutions.