CareMonkey FAQs

caremonkey logo To ensure we are meeting the Victorian Government Child Safe Standards, the Domestic Student Recruitment and Admissions Team have implemented its use to support two of its programs: The Monash Scholars Program, and The Monash Extension Program.  All participants in both programs are required to accept the use of CareMonkey upon enrolment, and below is some detailed information of what it is and how we employ its use.

CareMonkey FAQs

What is CareMonkey and how is it used?

Creating a CareMonkey account

Your data privacy in CareMonkey

Contact us

If you have any questions about the use of CareMonkey to support the Monash Scholars or Monash Extension programs, please contact us at the below emails:

Monash Scholars Program:

Monash Extension Program:

If you need any help using the CareMonkey system, you can ask questions directly to CareMonkey through the purple chat tool in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on the CareMonkey website.