Year 11 Monash Scholars Council

The opportunity

The Monash Scholars Council is a unique opportunity for an engaged group of Year 11 Scholars to come together, influence and lead the Scholars experience for their peers. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain leadership, marketing and event experience through greater involvement in Scholars events
  • Directly influence the direction of initiatives, events and activities for their cohort

Access additional benefits such as endorsement for entry into the Monash Minds Leadership Program upon enrolling at Monash after school.

Who are we looking for?

Members of the Scholars Council should:

  • Prior to joining Council, be actively engaged with the Scholars program, having attended numerous events and contributing on our online platforms. They should understand and appreciate the benefits the Scholars program affords.
  • Be committed to attending and shaping a number of events across the Year 11 Scholars calendar, including:
    - Council Meet and Greet Day – 1:30pm – 4pm, Thursday, 12 April
    - Year 11 Knowledge Summit – date TBC, July school holidays
    - Open Day – Sunday, 5th August
    - Choose your own adventure event – Monday, 24 September
  • Have a network of current Scholars, and an understanding about what current and future participants want from the program.  

In the interests of equity and diversity, we will also consider factors such as gender balance and schooling in selection.  We also encourage Scholars who live regionally to apply; your ability to attend required events will be discussed with you on a personal basis.

Council responsibilities

Below are the main responsibilities of the Monash Scholars Council.  The Council commitment is estimated at an additional 15 hours of work across the year, on top of the regular Scholars Program time commitment.

  • Choice of Knowledge Summit theme 
  • Ice breakers/mini-games and recreational activity for Knowledge Summit
  • Design of the ‘Choose your own adventure’ event
  • Contributing to cohort facebook group
  • Assistance at Year 10 Monash Scholars events
  • In-school promotion of the Scholars program
  • Input into the Year 12 Scholars year

What are the benefits of participating in Council?

There are so many benefits in taking up an opportunity like this, and they include:

  • The chance to gain higher level experience in areas such as leadership and program development
  • Skill development, particularly in areas of marketing and event management
  • Certificate and reference letter from Monash University at the end of the year
  • Endorsement for the Monash Minds Leadership Program upon enrolment at Monash
  • Loads of freebies in the form of activities and gifts!

What the 2017 Scholars Council says:

"The Council gives you the opportunity to get to know more Monash Scholars and have an input into all Scholars' experience. It gives you a platform to communicate with the entire group and shape your experience in the program by actively creating and organising events and connecting Scholars through your ideas as they come to life." – Isabel Rayner-Lawton

“Being a member of the Council has provided me with many opportunities to boost my public speaking skills and allowed me to work with fellow Scholars. Working aside other amazing Scholars has taught me skills of cooperation and leadership, essential for senior years in high school and integral in life in general. It’s been a great role to be able to share ideas and contribute our own skills and talents. After all, it’s amazing seeing our hard work become a reality.” – Jessica Satya-Graha

Please note that Council positions are voluntary and unpaid.

How do I apply for Council?

Please make a short, homemade video (no longer than 5 minutes) that introduces yourself and addresses the following:

  • I am excited by the opportunity of Scholars Council because…
  • My favourite Scholars experience/event so far has been… OR The Scholars experience/event I am most looking forward to is… and why
  • I will benefit from being a part of Scholars Council because…
  • My three greatest strengths/attributes/experiences that I can use to aid me in Council are…

Alternatively, you can submit a written application of no more than 500 words (although we would prefer the former as it will be a better showcase of you).  Please include a photo for easy identification.  

In the interests of recruiting an engaged, active Council, for the first time this year we invite Scholars to endorse their peers’ applications.  Endorsements should be made through this form before the 26 March, and each Scholar is only allowed to make one endorsement.  Whilst endorsements will add weight to the application of the endorsed, they will not be counted as ‘votes’ and the Council will ultimately be chosen by the Monash High Achievers Team.

All submissions should be sent to by COB,Sunday, 25th March. Assessments will then take place in the week commencing Monday, 26th March, with both successful and unsuccessful applications being notified by Tuesday, 10th April. Successful applicants will then be formally invited to the Council Meet and Greet event on Thursday, 12th April.  

All applications will be treated as confidential documents.


If you have any questions about the Monash Scholars Council, please contact Rachel Ung, Monash Scholars Program Coordinator, with any questions at: .