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Dr Jim Curtis

Senior Research Fellow
BehaviourWorks Australia
T: +61 3 9904 7067

Jim Curtis holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Planning and Design from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in Applied Social Psychology from Monash University.

Before joining MSDI's BehaviourWorks in 2011, Jim held research positions at the Monash Tourism Research Unit and Parks Victoria. His research focuses on gaining an intimate, theoretical and applied understanding of the influences impacting the behaviour of a range of target audiences.

In recent years, these audiences have included building facilities managers, farmers, landfill operators, park visitors, government employees, low-income households, environment protection officers, businesses (small and large), schools and local councils, mostly with a focus on achieving sustainable outcomes.

This has resulted in peer-reviewed publications on topics such as visitor management in zoos and national parks, adaptive management in government programs, business environmental compliance, energy efficiency in households and commercial buildings and influencing the behaviour of small to medium enterprises.

Jim has led or collaborated with research and partner teams on more than 100 behaviour change projects and acquired an intimate understanding of how the public sector interacts with research and the different ways that research can inform program design and policy shifts.

Jim is committed to applying and sharing these learnings to ensure that research delivers real value to policy-makers.