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We live in a world with all kinds of passionate, innovative individuals – working hard to improve our planet, and the lives of those on it. But to make sure the world meets the needs of future generations, we need to act today. To bring the thinkers and doers together with a platform to collaborate,  to educate, to implement – and to make an even bigger impact both here in Australia and across the globe.

Monash Sustainable Development Institute is that platform.

As one of the leading interdisciplinary research and education institutes for sustainable development around the globe, Monash Sustainable Development Institute is driven to find real solutions to some of the most significant challenges facing our world today.

And with so many thinkers from university, government, industry and the community, we don’t just believe we can turn ideas into action to make a bigger impact. We know we can.

We’re bringing together Monash University’s leading researchers – the very best of the best – to focus on large-scale, interdisciplinary projects that address global issues aligned to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

With sustainable development including areas as diverse as environmental wellbeing, social inclusion and a more sustainable economy, each of the faculties at Monash has something different – but equally significant – to offer. Which is why we partner with the best individuals from all over  the university, along with government, industry and the community. Our research and education initiatives harness the full potential of these partnerships – because we know just how much of a powerful, permanent impact we can make together

We’re already making progress

Our work creating pathways for deep decarbonisation has had an impact both globally and locally, influencing the 2015 Paris Climate Conference agreement and providing evidence for State Governments to set a net zero emissions target by 2050. In Indonesia, our work in efficient wastewater recycling and stormwater harvesting will see cities in different parts of the country enjoying cleaner water – and for the people who call those cities home, that means brighter, healthier futures as well.

Learn more about our Research Capabilities and Sustainable Development Education Program.

Whether we’re making progress here or overseas, all of our work connects with the Sustainable Development Goals, and is united by a common purpose – to make a bigger impact around the world.