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  • Working with Water

    All around the world, urban water systems are facing the pressures of climate change and urban expansion. Cities are experiencing droughts, floods, and degrading waterways. And they need to find new ways to manage their water.

  • ClimateWorks Australia

    In 2009, Monash partnered with The Myer Foundation to create an organisation whose research could help the country substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Today, ClimateWorks Australia is backed by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and is turning its award-winning work into practical, low carbon solutions with lasting results.

  • BehaviourWorks Australia

    Some of the biggest issues facing sustainable development in Australia today take more than a change in policy or legislation to overcome. They require a change in behaviour. BehaviourWorks Australia looks into human behaviour, and produces the insights that will help achieve those changes.