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The BehaviourWorks Method 

BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) has published a 20-page brochure on how it achieves behaviour change and some of the tools it uses to help government departments, private sector and not-for-profit organisations make strategic, investment and program decisions.

The Method clearly articulates where particular pieces of research can help organisations identify which behaviour change approach is most likely to work.

The framework incorporates three primary phases:

1. The Exploration phase helps organisations effectively unpack and understand problems through system mapping, consultations with key stakeholders, literature and practice reviews, primary and secondary data collection and analysis.

2. The Deep Dive phase provides detailed information on why particular individuals, or groups of individuals, behave (or don’t behave), the way they do.

3. The Application focuses on trialling intervention to see what works and on the basis of what’s learned, share and embed findings into policy and practice.

BWA is also developing a number of proprietary products to support The Method. This includes Stakeholder Forums to foster and facilitate constructive discussions among key stakeholders and yield a shared understanding of exactly who needs to do what differently.