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Understanding human behaviour to influence change


Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change - Master of Environment and Sustainability 

Launched in 2017 and run by the run by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, the inaugural Master of Environment and Sustainability course is the first cross-faculty Masters course at Monash. It’s also the first time a Masters unit in behaviour change has been offered in Australia.

The ‘Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change’ unit sits within the ‘Leadership for Sustainable Development’ unit. It aims is to build an understanding of individual behaviours and how to identify opportunities for change by targeting specific drivers of behaviour.

Students examine issues such as poor employee engagement with recycling, solar uptake in Victoria, office power consumption, beef consumption in the US and fast fashion.

Using the BehaviourWorks Method, a comprehensive methodology for unpacking problems, identifying priority behaviours and trialling behavioural interventions, students are asked to present their ideas on how these behavioural approaches could be used to lessen the impact of over consumption and, by extension, environmental impacts.

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