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  • All around the world, urban water systems are facing the pressures of climate change and urban expansion. Cities are experiencing droughts, floods, and degrading waterways. And they need to find new ways to manage their water.

    Monash University has an international reputation for innovative research that does just that. And Monash Water Sensitive Cities supports interdisciplinary research on urban water from faculties and institutes across the university – including Arts; Engineering; Design and Architecture; Science; Law; Business and Economics;  and more recently,  Medicine.

  • Cities as Water Supply Catchments

    Harnessing the potential of stormwater to overcome water shortages, reduce urban temperatures, and improve waterways health and the landscape of Australian cities.

  • Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities MOOC

    Learn how water can be used in the planning of cities to improve liveability in the face of climate change and population growth.

  • Video: Realising Sustainable Water Management in Cities

    Professor Rebekah Brown - Sir John Monash Lecture, Malaysia