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Our executive education program brings together the thinkers and doers to identify, understand and creatively respond to the major challenges facing leaders and organisations in sustainable development.

Our program varies from half-day workshops to long-term partnerships around a specific agenda, with content that covers detailed technical training, exploratory visioning, strategic agenda setting and leadership development.

Our core strength is our genuine interdisciplinary approach to the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development, as reflected by the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Talk to us about how we can help you meet your goals by contacting Dirk Visser -

Tailor-made offerings

MSDI is already working with a wide variety of organisations including governments, private sector organisations and NGOs to deliver tailor-made programs. These programs are made in collaboration with clients and offer organisations a better understanding of societial challenges alongside strategies to create long-term purpose and value.

Clearwater Masterclass Series 2018

Join Clearwater and Monash Sustainable Development Institute to explore best practice in Integrated Water Management (IWM) and practical skills to build support and drive successful projects for your region. These four, one-day interactive Masterclasses (9am to 4pm) will each be delivered in five locations across Victoria between February and June 2018. They include:

  • Masterclass 1: Planning for resilient and liveable cities and towns
  • Masterclass 2: Collaboration: within and outside your organisation
  • Masterclass 3: Building a successful business case
  • Masterclass 4: Communication and influence

For more information and to register, visit the Clearwater webpage.

For Monash University staff

As part of the Continuing Education Excellence Development (CEED) at Monash University, we run a module for university staff called 'Enhancing Learning Using Sustainability' that explores sustainability and examines its relationship to contemporary university academic practice.

Particular attention is given to how sustainability can be used in teaching and learning, which includes consideration of its impact on curriculum development. Participants will read and analyse two papers related to sustainability education; plus prepare a brief action plan that outlines ideas for addressing sustainability in a unit they teach.

On successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Characterise different perspectives on sustainability and differentiate the relevance of sustainability to different disciplines and global citizenship;
  • Critique the relationship between sustainability and education;
  • Explain the relevance of sustainability in higher education practice, including its implications for curriculum development;
  • Articulate and plan an approach for enhancing teaching and learning through sustainability

For more information about the module, please contact