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Transforming the Future - Leaders Program

The ‘Transforming the Future – Leaders Program’ is an interactive, co-curricular program developed by Monash Sustainable Development Institute to equip high achieving Monash Business School students with an understanding of how organisations can respond to complex global issues by transforming challenges into opportunities to innovate and prosper.  

Students will:

  • Explore the challenges for the future world of business and learn how companies do well by doing good
  • Learn how business is responding to complex social and environmental issues and transforming these into opportunities to innovate
  • Work alongside a business to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions
  • Gain new professional skills and tools to strengthen their degree
  • Participate in engaging and interactive workshops and build networks
  • Build up their CVs and stand out to future employers

The five day program consists of workshops featuring expert facilitators, industry guest speakers and skills training. Students are provided an opportunity to work closely with a business to conduct an environmental and social impact assessment, using a tool developed by B Corp. They then present areas for improvement, and recommended solutions that could be implemented by their selected business.  

What does the program cover?

Students will learn about sustainability, business improvement, innovation, leadership and good business practices. The program covers:

  • The changing global context and future challenges for business
  • Understanding drivers for organisational change
  • Creating a business case for organisational change
  • Measuring the environmental and social impacts of business
  • How to engage key stakeholders and why it’s important
  • Influencing and introduction to negotiation skills
  • The tools of effective communication and presentation
  • Using the B Corp impact assessment framework with a business
  • How to strengthen your leadership competencies for a changing world

The selection process for a place within the program is competitive, with only 30 available places for each program run twice a year. Successful applicants from the Monash Business School are selected based on their leadership potential and interest in sustainability.

All places for successful student applicants are fully sponsored.  

Next dates

November 20 - December 8 2017
Mid Semester Break (winter) 2018


Gitanjali Bedi, Senior Learning Coordinator
Sustainable Development Education

More information

To apply, visit the course page on the Green Steps website