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Postgraduate program in sustainability

Monash Sustainable Development Institute is proud to host a number of doctorate, masters and honours students who are conducting exciting research related to environmental, social and economic sustainability. We challenge promising researchers to delve deeply into global challenges and apply new thinking to explore - and solve – complex questions.

Please note that any PhD positions that become available in 2018 will be advertised in MSDI's Education Newsletter. You can sign up to the newsletter here.(link sends e-mail)

The full list of current PhD candidates and their research topics are listed below.


Being part of MSDI means being actively involved in creating a more just and livable world and taking an active role in making a real difference. If you’re up for the challenge and wish to complete your postgraduate studies with MSDI, please familiarise yourself with the administrative processes and requirements(link is external). If you are an international student(link is external), there may be different requirements.

For general enquiries regarding the MSDI Postgraduate Program please contact sends e-mail).

Current research candidates

Sarah Kneebone(link is external), PhD candidate, BehaviourWorks Australia and Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, "Accelerating transitions to water sensitive cities by influencing behaviour."

Naeema Jihan Zinia(link is external), PhD candidate, Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Department of Business and Economics, "Green Adaptation to Ecosystem Services Management in Dhaka: A Socio-economic Evaluation."

Afentina Afentina(link is external), PhD candidate, "Assessing and valuing environmental services of rattan agroforestry in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia."

Suzanne Barker(link is external), PhD candidate, BehaviourWorks Australia, "How behavioural sciences can be used to improve the effectiveness of community engagement practice and increase constructive community participation in strategic land use planning processes."

Amandine Denis(link is external), PhD candidate, "Deep decarbonisation of Australia's industry: opportunities and drivers."