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Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIP)


Bringing talented PhD candidates together with industry and government to find interdisciplinary approaches to public health and policy problems.

MSDI is proud to be associated with two of the five Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) programs run by Monash University.

The GRIP program brings talented PhD candidates together with industry and government partners to tackle real-world problems and translate research evidence into policy and practice.

The Water and Sustainability in Asia GRIP brings researchers from Monash Engineering and Monash Arts together to support the transition of developing Asian cities to more sustainable, resilient and liveable conditions through state-of-the-art water technologies, policy development and social practices.

The Behaviour Change GRIP which commenced in March 2018, is led by MSDI's BehaviourWorks Australia and is supported by the Faculties of Arts, Law, Business and Economics and the Monash University Accident Research Centre.

Candidates in the Behaviour Change GRIP are working alongside the GRIP partners on partners on a series of important public policy issues including domestic violence, road safety, environmental protection and promotion, energy transformation, mental health injury prevention and consumer driven healthcare.

These GRIP programs will produce a new cohort of interdisciplinary researchers with sophisticated and adaptive research skills - researchers whose expertise will be in strong demand due to the fact that they are able to effectively straddle the worlds of academia and government/industry.