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Afentina Afentina


PhD candidate
Natural Resources Management in Asia in Response to Climate Change Program


Afentina's research is focusing on assessing and valuing environmental services of rattan agroforesty in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Rattan agroforestry has supported the livelihood of local communities for centuries and in recent years has been threatened by conversion into intensive agriculture, such as palm oil plantations. There is a concern that this alteration will lead to environmental degradation and the loss of local knowledge. Afentina's research will apply a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together ecology, economics and social-cultural perspectives to analyse the environmental services of rattan agroforestry. Assessing and valuing environmental services are an important strategy in order to give the policy makers explicit and comprehensive information about the Total Economic Value (TEV) of rattan agroforestry. Furthermore, this information can be used as a platform to develop projects to increase the prosperity of local communities and preserve the environment at the same time.