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Naeema J. Zinia


PhD candidate

Naeema is currently performing doctoral research on green adaptation to ecosystem services management in Dhaka, Bangladesh with MSI. Her research is interdisciplinary and revolves around the concept of 'People-Planet-Profit'. Naeema is assessing the integrated impacts of climate and land-use changes using the results of environmental and economic modelling to identify economically feasible and socially acceptable green strategies for managing ecosystem services in urban and peri-urban settings.

Prior to starting her doctoral research with MSI, Naeema worked as a researcher at the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services in Dhaka. In this role she was actively involved in several projects of national and international significance. Her key responsibilities included environmental and economic impact assessment, economic modelling of climate change adaptation strategies, questionnaire design, field visits, data collection, data analysis and project management. She also has teaching experience at the undergraduate level.

Naeema holds Bachelor and Masters of Social Sciences degrees in Economics from the University of Dhaka. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, specialising in environmental systems analysis.


"Green adaptation to ecosystem services management in Dhaka, Bangladesh"


Dr Paul McShane
Professor Michael Ward


Zinia, N.J. & Kroeze, C. (2014), 'Urbanization and coastal water pollution in the Bay of Bengal: The lived experience of future trends', Environment, Development and Sustainability.

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