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Undergraduate Unit: Sustainability Practice and Organisations


Undergraduate Unit: Sustainability Practice and Organisations

Twice a year the Sustainable Development Education Program run an undergraduate capstone unit on sustainability and organisations, that is offered through the Monash Business School.

BEX3150 Sustainability Practice and Organisations provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate a broad knowledge of global sustainable development challenges and understand the role organisations play in contributing to innovative solutions. Students will demonstrate an understanding of organisational drivers and collaboratively apply practical skills and approaches to support organisational change towards sustainability.

Students will develop and demonstrate their career- readiness through the application to real world challenges, knowledge and skills such as; undertaking an environmental and social impact assessment on an organisation, communicating the business case for sustainability, stakeholder engagement, researching and identifying sustainability innovations, strengthening cross cultural awareness and teamwork.

Learning goals

1.    Demonstrate a broad knowledge of global sustainable development challenges.

2.    Acquire practical skills and knowledge for supporting change within an organisation towards sustainable practice.

3.    Apply a sustainability impact assessment framework with an organisation and evaluate the findings.

4.    Critically reflect on the role of organisations in contributing to sustainable development solutions.

5.    Research and identify innovative solutions to sustainable development challenges.

6.    Evaluate personal learning and personal development in contributing to the sustainability practice and organisational change process.

Interactive learning

This capstone unit is highly interactive, delivered through five intensive workshops in block mode, that emphasise active and participatory learning. Throughout the course, students will engage in online learning, face-to-face teacher led facilitation and peer-to-peer directed learning, and individual reflection.

Next dates

Winter semester 2017 (On-campus block of classes)

Summer semester 2018 (On-campus block of classes)

Winter semester 2018 (On-campus block of classes)


Gitanjali Bedi, Senior Learning Coordinator

Sustainable Development Education

More information

Course page on Monash University website