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When the global community came together to agree on the Sustainable Development Goals, they also opened the door to a whole range of new opportunities to bring about positive change around the world. Enter, SDSN Youth.

Established by Monash students Siamak Sam Loni (who’s also been named the inaugural Global Coordinator of the program), Melissa Peppin and Michelle Huang, SDSN Youth fosters the energy and enthusiasm of young people all over the world – to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, the network has branches in the Mediterranean, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, the Amazon, the Caribbean and North America.

Visit the SDSN Youth website for more.

SDSN Youth will be using this international platform to bring together young innovators and entrepreneurs to the Vatican in Rome – as part of a symposium hosted by the Vatican Academy of Sciences. Here, young leaders will share their insights and ideas to find new solutions for achieving the Sustainable  Development Goals. The best initiatives will be selected for mentoring and support from SDSN Youth and its partners, and will be presented at the SDSN Solutions Conference at the 2016 Marrakesh Climate Conference.

Find out more about the Symposium

SDSN Youth provides young people with an opportunity to play their part in creating a healthier planet and society for generations to come. And the Monash Sustainable Development Institute has played a pivotal part in making sure their ideas are heard loudly and clearly.

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