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Professor Derk Loorbach visits MSDI


Professor Derk Loorbach 

MSI was pleased to host Prof Derk Loorbach from the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Erasmus University, The Netherlands, during November. Prof Loorbach is an internationally regarded thinker on sustainability transitions and co-creator of Transition Management, an innovative approach to initiate and facilitate transformative change in sectors like water, energy and transport.

During his visit, Prof Loorbach gave a number of presentations to MSI staff, academics across the University and external stakeholders. He presented some of the latest thinking around Transition Management and provided principles and practices for guiding transformative change processes in order to bring about more sustainable outcomes at local, regional and national scales. Drawing on examples of Transition Management in action in cities across Europe, Prof Loorbach's visit was a unique opportunity to hear about new opportunities and approaches to support sustainable development in Australia.

Video: Learn more about Transition Management.