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Behaviour Change GRIP wins Monash Research Services Excellence Award


The Behaviour Change Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) management team has won Monash University’s Research Services Excellence Award.

The Research Services Excellence Award recognises high standards of service dealing with researchers and/or graduate research students within the University.

The Behaviour Change GRIP, which commenced in March 2018, is run by BehaviourWorks Australia, in conjunction with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

It is the fifth GRIP to be supported by Monash University and brings 18 successful PhD candidates together with project managers and behaviour change practitioners in leading government and non-government agencies to address a range of public policy issues through behaviour change.

The GRIP candidates are being supported throughout their GRIP journey by academics from BehaviourWorks Australia and the faculties of Arts, Law, Business and Economics, as well as the Monash University Accident Research Centre and Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

Throughout their journey, candidates are exposed to a range of research and industry challenges and will graduate with sophisticated and adaptive skills that will allow them to build careers in this rapidly-evolving multidisciplinary field.

The Research Services Excellence Award was presented to members of the Behaviour Change GRIP management team at a special Monash Professional Research Management (PRM) event on November 27.

The award highlights the “quality service and information above and beyond expectations” provided by the Behaviour Change GRIP management team and nominates the program “as a role model for exceptional service.”

In particular, it recognises the “huge volume of work” undertaken by the Behaviour Change GRIP management team in “a relatively short period of time with incredible competency, enabling 18 partnership-based PhD students to enrol in the program and start within a few days of each other.”

In the six months leading up to enrolment, the team provided direct support to students, supervisors and partners by managing recruitment, enrolment, negotiating contracts within Monash and with industry partners, preparing budgets and organising work spaces for students, as well as organising two major events, including the Behaviour Change GRIP information day and launch.

In the six months since the program started, the team has also assisted with logistics for an intensive induction and professional development program, which included site visits to all partner premises, tours of the campus and information sessions with Monash service; implemented a communication plan including a newsletter and a new website profiling the projects and students; and coordinated a symposium where students presented some of their preliminary results, among other initiatives that continue to provide an exceptional experience for Behaviour Change GRIP students and partners.

The success of the Behaviour Change GRIP further reflects the commitment by Monash, MSDI and BehaviourWorks Australia to grow enterprising connections between research and industry.