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Event: Professor Muhammad Yunus - A World of Three Zeros


It was a full house at the Hotel Windsor on 19 March as Monash played host to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

The pioneering economist, in Melbourne to launch his new book A World of Three Zeroes, earned his Nobel Prize for his work towards alleviating poverty.

Professor Yunus outlined a vision for tackling inequality, unemployment, and environmental degradation. "Every time I see a problem, I create a business around it", he said.

His call to action was simple – look forwards, not back, and design the world as you want it to be. "If you follow the old roads you will always end up in the old destination. Our old destination is not a good destination. Don't follow the old roads. Have an imagination, build your new world and build the roads to get there".

Professor Yunus is no stranger to Monash. Last year, he was on hand to help launch the Leave No-One Behind initiative, a program that seeks to address social disadvantage and inequality through student entrepreneurship and innovation.

The program allows participants to design and develop a viable social enterprise - a business that is both financially sustainable and provides a social good. It also encourages participants to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and share solutions via innovative business ideas.