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Student grants for science communicators

18 December 2019

We are calling for radical student thinkers and diverse voices to take part in the Eleventh National Conference for Australian Science Communicators, to be held at Clayton in February 2020.

Dr Paul Satur named Victoria's Young Water Professional of the Year

06 December 2019

Dr Paul Satur, from the Monash Sustainable Development Institute's Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, has been named the Young Water Professional of the Year at the Australian Water Association's (AWA) Victorian Water Awards.

MSDI’s educators are excellent. It’s official.

03 December 2019

MSDI’s education team have received two awards from the 2019 Monash Vice Chancellor’s Education and Research Awards.

Australia: Land of the fair go, but not for all.

02 December 2019

Nearly one in four Australians have recently experienced a form of major discrimination, while religious and racial minorities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face the highest levels of prejudice, according to the nation’s first Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index (IASII). The new report, conducted by researchers from BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA), part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI), is the first of its kind to measure social inclusion across Australia.

The Mess We're In - Episode 3 of "What Happens Next?"

26 November 2019

Mark Boulet and Stefan Kaufman, from BehaviourWorks Australia, joined Ruth Lane from the School of Social Sciences and Susan Carland for Episode 3 of the "What Happens Next?" podcast series.

Enterprising students imagine a world that leaves no one behind

18 November 2019

A welcome pack to counter loneliness, a home-delivered spice kit, and an aromatic pillow spray that helps the sleep-deprived to relax are just some of the entries into 2019 Leave No One Behind program. Read more to find out about this year's winners.

Trash Talk

18 November 2019

Kim Borg and Mark Boulet, from BehaviourWorks Australia, talk with Susan Carland about plastic waste for Episode 1 of "What Happens Next?"

More than a teacher...

13 November 2019

We speak with Associate Professor Annette Bos, our Deputy Director (Education), about her love of teaching and how she guides her students to become leaders in sustainable development.

MSDI In Manhattan

2 October 2019

A delegation from MSDI travelled to New York for the UN General Assembly week (including Climate Week and Global Goals Week), held between 20-30 September 2019. Take a look behind the scenes.

Keeping families together is key to refugee settlement in Australia

12 September 2019

Monash researchers have come together with Oxfam Australia to examine the social impact of family separation on refugee settlement in Australia, concluding that keeping families together is key.

Monash students to attend International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019 in New York

5 September 2019

Eight Monash students are preparing to travel to New York in late September for the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2019.

New Exhibition: Law Needs Feminism Because...

5 September 2019

MSDI's Associate Professor Becky Batagol has teamed up with Monash law student Maria Pirozek to bring the hugely successful the "Law Needs Feminism Because" project to Australia.

ANZSOG Report - Today's Problems, Yesterday's Toolkit

13 August 2019

Australian public servants are eager to join the world's most informed and effective public administrations and adopt new ways of developing policy and services, according to a world-first survey of nearly 400 public servants, conducted by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute and the NYU Governance Lab on behalf of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government.

Climate change on the agenda at Pacific health ministers' meeting

31 July 2019

Professor John Thwaites, former Victorian health minister, and chair of Monash Sustainable Development Institute speaks with Fran Kelly about a new report from the Global Health Alliance and MSDI, linking climate change with health concerns.

New report shows major health impacts of climate change

31 July 2019

A landmark report from Global Health Alliance Australia and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, From Townsville to Tuvalu, looks at the health impacts of climate change.

Australia has opened the door to higher performing homes, at lower cost

29 July 2019

National, state and territory building ministers agreed to develop stronger minimum energy standards for new houses and apartments, setting Australian homes on a path towards fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

This is BS #6: epic behavioural fails

28 July 2019

Listen as behavioural science experts, Peter Bragge and Geoff Paine from Monash Uni's BehaviourWorks Australia, join Libbi Gorr to discuss behavioural science fails.

Cladding crisis: why government needs to intervene to fix the building industry

26 July 2019

The Victorian Government has announced a raft of major reforms to tackle the crisis in Australia’s building industry arising from the use of combustible cladding.

Master of Environment and Sustainability students under the international spotlight

26 July 2019

Monash University Master of Environment and Sustainability students, Luke Richards and Ridwanur Rahman have won highly competitive scholarships to attend the prestigious International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) in New York.

Pacific islands commit to making cities sustainable as urban growth gets set to double

15 July 2019

More than 200 participants from over 25 countries have committed to making cities in the Pacific sustainable at the fifth Pacific Urban Forum in Fiji, co-hosted by MSDI and UN-Habitat.

Paper tsunami: how the move to digital medical records is leaving us drowning in old paper files

10 July 2019

Gillian Oliver, Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Organisational & Social Informatics at Monash University, and Peter Bragge, Associate Professor, Healthcare Quality Improvement at Behaviour Works, Monash University, discuss the need for secure, controlled disposal of medical records.

Tony Capon appointed Director of Monash Sustainable Development Institute

10 July 2019

Monash University is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Tony Capon as Director of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, commencing in October.

SDG Index a ‘wake-up call’ for Australia

26 June 2019

Australia is lagging well behind other OECD nations when it comes to sustainable development, according to new research that has prompted calls for all sectors to take stronger environmental action.

This is BS #5: when is too much choice too much?

23 June 2019

Choice overload – for appliances, partners, food, careers and entertainment. Does it make us satisfied or anxious? Behavioural science experts, Peter Bragge and Geoff Paine from Monash Uni's BehaviourWorks Australia, join Libbi Gorr to discuss life's choices both big and small.

Survey: Understanding innovation in the public sector

12 June 2019

Australian and New Zealand public servants are invited to take a survey as part of a new project examining innovation skills and capabilities within the public sector.

MSDI’s Professor Rob Skinner Receives Queen’s Birthday Honour

10 June 2019

Professor Skinner was awarded a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia in recognition of his significant service to environmental water management.

UN-Habitat and MSDI unite to advance SDGs in the Asia-Pacific

6 June 2019

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed today between the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and Monash University to advance the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) in the Asia-Pacific.

ClimateWorks to launch platform to track business pledges on zero emissions

5 June 2019

ClimateWorks Australia has launched a new initiative to track the climate change and zero emissions energy pledges of Australian companies, governments and organisations in a single platform.

This is BS #4: the psychology of signs

2 June 2019

Signs often have an effect opposite to the intention. Behavioural science experts, Peter Bragge and Geoff Paine from MSDI's BehaviourWorks Australia, join Libbi Gorr to discuss signs in our life.

Monash University’s “living laboratory” for zero carbon, micro-grid innovation

15 May 2019

With more than 150 buildings spread over four campuses, Melbourne’s Monash University is in a good position to become a “living laboratory” for sustainable, zero carbon, micro-grid innovation.

The UK has a national climate change act – why don’t we?

15 May 2019

It’s time Australian politicians were guided by national climate change legislation.

MSDI business student awarded 2019 Flourish prize for SDG 11

10 May 2019

Monash business student Vladimir Slaviero has been awarded the 2019 Flourish Prize, which honours the “best-of-the-best” student stories about positive, global business innovations that can help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

'Biodegradable' plastic bags still don't break down after 3 years, research finds

30 April 2019

PhD candidate and BehaviourWorks researcher Kim Borg speaks with Triple J's Hack about the behaviours we can all adopt to reduce the impact that plastic bags have on the environment.

Climate change poses a clear financial risk to Australia

29 April 2019

Opinion piece by Chris Barrett Executive Director - Finance Strategy at the European Climate Foundation and Anna Skarbek, CEO of ClimateWorks Australia.

This is BS #3: Is artificial intelligence helping or taking over your life?

28 April 2019

Things get freaky when ... our phones are smarter than us. So, where will it all end? Behavioural science experts, Peter Bragge and Geoff Paine from MSDI's BehaviourWorks Australia, join Libbi Gorr to discuss AI in our life.

Climate Risk and the Financial System

18 April 2019

Our new report outlines how Australia stands to lose, or gain, depending on its response to this new frontier in global climate policy.

Monash and Emory universities unite to advance gender-sensitive water research

16 April 2019

Monash University and Emory University have announced a partnership to conduct research into gender-responsive design of water and sanitation services for the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised living in urban informal settlements.

Student opportunity - attend the International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019

11 April 2019

Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI), with the support of Monash Abroad, is offering travel scholarships for Monash students to attend the 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD 2019) in New York.

New video series: What's your problem?

10 April 2019

Food waste, wealth inequality and social exclusion are just some of the issues our people have a problem with. Meet the MSDI team and learn what drives them to make this planet more sustainable in this brand new short video series.

Electric vehicles an opportunity for local government

6 April 2019

Local councils could save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by shifting their fleets to electric vehicles, a study by ClimateWorks Australia suggests.

Global Challenges Special Issue: Interdisciplinary Research and Impact

5 April 2019

Leading Monash researchers have examined ways to effectively design and deliver interdisciplinary research to address grand societal challenges in a special issue of the Global Challenges journal published this week.

Announcing the Adam Majcher legacy program. Are you a future climate leader?

3 April 2019

If you’re passionate about making a difference in the world and contributing to climate solutions for Australia and our region - but you need context and contacts to help you achieve your goals, the Adam Majcher legacy program could be for you.

Water management: tapping into a new way of thinking to benefit everyone

21 March 2019

World Water Day 2019 encourages us to "leave no one behind". It’s a sobering reminder that safe and clean access to water and sanitation is still not a right afforded to everyone, even in Australia. Dr Paul Satur explains how we could do better.

Economic abuse: The hidden side of domestic violence

21 March 2019

Associate Professor Becky Batagol spoke with The Daily’s Victor Petrovic from 2SER about economic abuse and the hidden side of domestic violence.

Cross-sector collaboration the key to achieving SDGs

18 March 2019

Australian water authorities have a history of progressing sustainable development, but working with other sectors will help the industry bring about even greater change. MSDI's Dr Paul Satur speaks with The Australian Water Association ahead of OzWater 2019.

This is BS: what's disrupting your life?

17 March 2019

Geoff Paine and Peter Bragge from BehaviourWorks Australia join Libbi Gorr on ABC Radio Melbourne to discuss behavioural science and examine disruptions in our daily lives and how we handle them.

Are Australia's emissions going up or down? It depends who you ask

5 March 2019

Australia can achieve its current Paris Agreement target of 26 per cent by 2030 and the full Paris Agreement goal of net zero emissions — but policy and industry support is needed to harness the opportunities to make this happen.

We can be a carbon-neutral nation by 2050, if we just get on with it

4 March 2019

Anna Skarbek and Anna Malos from ClimateWorks Australia explain that with well-targeted policies across all sectors of the economy, we can get back on track and meet our Paris targets.

MSDI Research Assistant wins Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

27 February 2019

Jarrod Grainger-Brown has been awarded a prestigious Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship allowing him to undertake a PhD at MSDI, investigating how the Sustainable Development Goals can be integrated into urban and city planning.

MSDI business students named finalists in international sustainability award

25 February 2019

Three Monash business students have been named finalists in the prestigious 2019 Flourish Prize, hosted by AIM2Flourish.

New MSDI course helps businesses to become climate resilient

22 February 2019

MSDI’s executive education course - Climate change and business risk: Developing a strategic approach - is helping organisations integrate climate into their core strategies.

MSDI supports SDSN Youth Forum on the SDGs

20 February 2019

The forum brought together university students and representatives from leading youth-led and youth-focused organisations in Australia to explore the critical role that young people play in achieving the SDGs.

‘National interest’ funding tests ‘bad for science’

20 February 2019

MSDI Chair, Professor John Thwaites speaks at the Times Higher Education Research Excellence Summit.

A national EV network a good start, but more action is needed

19 February 2019

A national electric vehicle fast-charging network will accelerate EV take up in Australia - Sarah Fumei from ClimateWorks Australia speaks with The Fifth Estate.

This is BS: the science behind idle chit-chat and selling

18 February 2019

Geoff Paine and Peter Bragge from BehaviourWorks Australia join Libbi Gorr for a chat about behavioural science and the awkward conversations we have whilst shopping.

Climate leaders and activists debate best course of large scale action at Sustainable Living Festival

15 February 2019

MSDI Chair Professor John Thwaites was among a line-up of global climate leaders, activists and professionals who took part in the National Sustainable Living Festival's Great Debate.

Facebook turns 15: how can the troubled teen earn our trust?

4 February 2019

MSDI's David Robertson explores what Facebook could learn from teen leaders taking action for a more sustainable future.

Banks are enabling economic abuse. Here’s how they could be stopping it

1 February 2019

Associate Professor Becky Batagol & Marcia Neave explain how Banks and financial service providers are failing to adequately recognise the warning signs of economic abuse and family violence experienced by customers.

Finding a Practical Solution to Climate Change

14 January 2019

Pro Bono Australia speaks with Anna Skarbek, CEO of ClimateWorks Australia on how to reduce emissions and take advantage of technology to stop climate change.

The dangers of mobile phone use whilst driving

2 January 2019

Associate Professor Peter Bragge speaks with ABC News Breakfast about the behavioural science behind the addiction and dangers of using mobile phones when driving.

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