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Smart Phones Dumb People - Melbourne International Comedy Festival


Date Monday 9 April 2018
Time 8:30 pm AEST
Venue Melbourne Town Hall - Powder Room
Cost $20-25

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BehaviourWorks Australia presents Smart Phones Dumb People

Bringing behavioural science to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Smart Phones Dumb People is an interactive show about how our smart phones are making fools of us. We might have the latest smart phones, but are they making us smarter? Not so much.

Geoff Paine and guests from BehaviourWorks Australia will prove how we can be primed, influenced and distracted by other people and the devices we carry everywhere. They’re in our pockets, our cars, our homes, and in our heads.

Join us as we use behavioural science, gratuitous gags and live experiments to prove our devices are changing the way we think and behave.

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