Industry engagement

JRI has established collaborations and partnerships with industries, academia and other organisations forming relationships in five major fields including metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, environmental protection and pharmaceuticals.

We are always looking to develop partnerships globally as well as China and Australia.

Monash-Suzhou Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Monash-Suzhou Science & Technology Co. Ltd. is a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) which bridges the gaps between academia and industry. It focuses on:

  • Commercialisation of research achievements;
  • Technology enterprise;
  • R&D project design, contracting and management, enterprise management services;
  • Practical and professional English-related technology consulting and technical training;
  • Scientific analysis, assay and testing services; and
  • Academic exchange programs and conference organisation.

Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

JITRI aims to close the gap between science and technology, and assist industries, small or large, in utilising the latest technology to enhance their competitiveness.

Monash and JITRI signed an initial CNY20 million (A$4 million) agreement in 2015 that resulted in the development and implementation of nine collaborative projects. Monash-JITRI joint PhD training has now become part of the collaboration. As previously, the JITRI funds are available to Monash researchers in collaboration with JITRI researchers.

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP)

Suzhou Industrial Park, which is recognised as one of the world’s most dynamic research facilities, generously provide accommodation for all JGS staff.

With a strong impetus for research excellence, SIP provides financial support for Monash-Suzhou research platforms so that our leading innovation to be truly discoverable on an international scale.

Monash Art Design and Architecture Industrial Design Centre

The Monash Art Design and Architecture Industrial Design Centre features 293m² of digital training facilities and has been developed in collaboration with the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute (KSITRI).

Monash lecturers Ian Wong, a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and their China representative and Bernie Walsh, former Design Director for Nissan, lead the Centre’s operation.

Monash-Kunshan Innovation Center

Monash University (Kunshan) Industrial Innovation Centre was established in October 2018 between Monash University and the Kunshan government. Financial support will be provided by the Kunshan government via the Kunshan Industrial Research Institute to support its operation. Its R&D activities can be supported separately as collaborative projects.