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Community projects

One Monash project


About the project

The One Monash project has identified four main areas in which Monash University and the City of Monash can work together.

1. Arts

  • Develop a shared calendar of arts events
  • Explore the use of City of Monash venues for student productions
  • Market jointly the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) and the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA)
  • Stage a joint event, 'Coming Home', to celebrate the success of artists who came from Monash

2. Recreation

  • Share sporting facilities
  • Invest in the development of shared facilities (such as synthetic surfaces)

3. Volunteering, leadership and community partnering

  • Co-brand and set common quality standards for community volunteers
  • Collaborate on job readiness and casual employment programs
  • Extend the Volunteering at Monash portal to include volunteers from the south eastern community
  • Provide access to City of Monash programs for university volunteers
  • Work together to develop skilled volunteering opportunities for students
  • Build connections for faculties and courses into the Eastern Innovation Centre
  • Explore opportunities to connect with the culturally and linguistically diverse through activities such as conversational English programs

4. Other

  • Consider the City of Monash as a potential research partner for relevant projects
  • Collaborate on business continuity and joint emergency management planning
  • Share management and organisational expertise and reduce duplication
  • Extend opportunities for cooperation on local area strategy and planning in retail, transport, community services and other areas.


This collaboration came about after initial discussions in late 2014 between the CEO of the City of Monash and the Executive Director of the Campus Community Division of Monash University.

Key leaders from each organisation met to consider ways of bringing together a diverse group to learn more about each other and share ideas on how the relationship could be strengthened.

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