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Oaktree Foundation partnership


About the partnership

This partnership aims to:

  • create opportunities for young people to develop and apply a range of skills
  • enrich the education of young people across the Asia-Pacific through interaction and collaboration across cultures throughout the region
  • foster enterprise, innovation and collaboration in solving global challenges.

Recent projects

Limbo Below the Line

This project saw Monash attempt the Guinness World Record for the  world's largest limbo dance. We needed 1209 to break the current record. We had  a fantastic turn out with almost 1000 students and staff attempting to limbo  under the one meter pole. We fell a little short with just 200 successful  limbos. Limbo Below the Line kick started Oaktree's flagship Live Below the Line campaign on campus.

More information

Oaktree Foundation is young people leading a movement to end poverty. It is Australia's largest youth-run organisation with over 150,000 members.

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