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ASK Me volunteers


Volunteer to be a walking help desk!

ASK Me student volunteers help new students find their way around campus and settle into uni life at the beginning of each semester.

By volunteering for this program you will:

  • help new students feel supported, less stressed, and more engaged
  • encourage them to be involved in the wider Monash community
  • receive a free ASK Me t-shirt and hoodie, training, and an opportunity to develop your communication and interpersonal skills.

This program is a collaboration between TeamMONASH and the student associations on each campus.


As an ASK Me volunteer your role will include helping students with:

  • finding their faculty, the library and other buildings on campus
  • using the cross-campus shuttle bus service and campus security
  • learning about services and facilities provided by the University and student associations.


You'll do a compulsory training course that leads to a Certificate III in Active Volunteering. The course involves:

  • short online modules covering key services for Monash students (for example, Monash Connect, Monash Residential Services, Monash Sport, TeamMONASH)
  • two hours face-to-face training before the start of each semester.

Training is offered at all campuses listed below.

Apply now

You are required to have a least one semester's experience of student life before applying.

Apply to do the training on your main campus. You can then volunteer on any campus you attend.

Training sessions will be held in February 2018, ahead of semester 1, 2018.

  • Caulfield
  • Clayton
  • Parkville
  • Peninsula (Please note that Peninsula will be running a hybrid program, tailored to that campus)

Contact us


Tel: 9905 9364

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