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Available Ensembles

Works for performance will be performed by one of the ensembles below, and applicants may nominate their preferred ensemble.

Decibel New Music Ensemble

Decibel New Music EnsembleThe ensemble in residence for the conference is Decibel, world leaders in the integration of acoustic instruments and electronics, the interpretation of graphic notations and pioneering digital score formats for composition and performance. Decibel  have commissioned over 70 new works since their foundation in 2009, have toured Europe and Australia, recorded for ABC Classic FM and SWR German Radio, and released five albums to date on Australian and international labels. The ensemble has developed and commercialised the Decibel ScorePlayer iPad app, a score reading device incorporating mobile score formats and networked coordination performance environments that is sold worldwide. Available: any combination of Cello, viola/violin, piano, bass clarinet, bass flute, electronics, percussion

Speak Percussion

Speak Percussion ensembleSpeak Percussion has shaped the sound of 21st century Australian percussion music through the creation and presentation of ambitious arts projects. Internationally recognised as a leader in the fields of experimental and contemporary classical music, Speak are constantly seeking to redefine the potential of percussion. Speak Percussion have been responsible for over 100 commissions and premieres of new percussion works, Speak Percussion has contributed new 21st Century masterworks to the global percussion repertoire. Available any combination of up to 6 performers.


ELISION ensembleELISION has established an international reputation through its engagement with complex and virtuosically challenging aesthetics. ELISION’s membership includes some of the world’s leading musicians who have redefined contemporary instrumental technique through their practice, recordings and publications.  ELISION has performed at venues such as the Hebbel Theater Berlin, the Berlin Philharmonie, Saitama Arts Theatre Tokyo, Pompidou Centre, Sydney Opera House, Queensland Art Gallery, and Vienna Konzerthaus; and at festivals such as Wien Modern, Maerzmusik, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Festival Ars Musica of Brussels, Züricher TheaterSpektakel, the 50th Warsaw Autumn Festival, Ultima Oslo, TRANSIT Festival Leuven, Spitalfields London, the Chekov International Theatre Festival of Moscow, BIFEM, the Shanghai New Music Week, and Festival d’Automne à Paris. Available instruments - any combination or solo for: piano, flute, trumpet, trombone, percussion.

Clocked Out

Clocked Out ensembleClocked Out create and produce innovative music as a vehicle to explore central cultural issues such as environmentalism, multi-culturalism, and interactions of science and music. The creative outlet of Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion) and Erik Griswold (piano), their activities have included original music for percussion, found objects, prepared piano and toy instruments; site-specific events highlighting music and environment; ongoing collaborations with musicians from Sichuan province as well as projects highlighting links between science, architecture and music.

Monash Electronic Music Ensemble (MEME)

Monash Electronic Music Ensemble (MEME) ensembleMEME is a flexible student ensemble that will be available to perform laptop ensemble works for TENOR. The number of performers can be from 3 to 12 individuals, and can include modular synthesisers. Available synths include:Dave Smith OB6, Moog Sub37, MiniMoog, Korg MS20, Korg Arp Odessey, Buchla Easel, DX7, Moog Mothers,  Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Beats, Pittsburgh Lifeforms SV-1, Roland TR8s.

Tenor Network

Tenor Network