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Beta apps - for students, by students

What is Test.Drive?

An early-stage idea validation service, Test.Drive is a testing ground for emerging digital products.

We have three primary goals:

  1. To harness the entrepreneurial spirit across the Monash community and inspire grassroots innovation

  2. To quickly provide you with the tools and guidance that you need to validate your prototype to Beta stage

  3. Provide the Monash community with access to emerging solutions to help shape their own environment.

Did you know?

Monash has over 70,000 students coming from all walks of life .... An amazingly diverse community to test your ideas and get feedback!

    • What you get:

      • Scalable tech stack (e.g. GCP, AWS, Machine Learning….)
      • Access to APIs and open data
      • A suite of integrated testing tools - UX, analytics, qualitative feedback
      • Mentoring and guidance on what to look for, how to pivot and when to start thinking about scaling.

    • What we ask of you:

      • Solve problems that are relevant and impactful to the Monash community of students and staff
      • Positively give and take feedback in the spirit of helping each other develop ideas
      • Share updates on how you’re going… we love to hear the progress you’re making.

    • A few things to keep in mind:

      • The service is at no cost to you
      • You keep your Intellectual Property (IP). You made it, you keep it.
      • You (not Monash) are responsible for maintaining the solution. If it breaks, you need to fix it!
      • At this stage, Test.Drive is for digital concepts only. In the future we may expand to non-digital startup ideas. Stay tuned.

    Ready for a test drive?

    Got a prototype you want to validate?

    If you've already built a prototype - perhaps at home watching GoT, or maybe at a hackathon...doesn't matter! Submit your idea here and we'll get you sorted.