Interactive displays

Interactive displays

As part of our #ThankYourTeacher campaign, people visited our interactive displays in person, had their photo taken and shared it on social media with a message of thanks to their special teacher.

Monash University
24 October 2019, Clayton campus

Federation Square
10 November 2019, Melbourne

View some of the photos and messages from our interactive displays below.

Your messages

All my high school teachers for building my confidence. I left high school transformed.

Seshna M

Mr Brown made me sing in front of the class for the first time ever in primary school and started my passion for music. I still remember all the songs he taught up and can recite them word for word today!

Megan L

Thank You Mr. Witchell for letting me go on the iPads for education.

Think you teacher

Thank you for giving me wisdom. Thank you for everything and the experiences

Thank you professor Andrew Russell who guided me to research on Gopher Robot and completed my graduation thesis with high distinction back in 1997 ☺️ #ThankYourTeacher

Thanks for giving me wisdom and experience.

Pn.Lim Mui Lee , my biology teacher who takes up almost of our class period . She will maybe take 3-6 periods that's mean is 2-3 hours of biology clsss. It may be boring but we gain a lot of knowledge about biology .❤️

Thank you teacher

Thank you Andrew

Thanks Bruce for your care.

Senor Salsedo because he brings fun to the classroom

Thanks to Serena, my philosophy teacher at Unipa

My high school French teacher, cause she teaches me the importance of travelling the world

I would like to thank Mrs Clarke as she is the nicest teacher I know!

Mr Geise was the my best maths teacher ever

Hi Miss Jodie thanks for being my teacher. You are very caring and lots of fun

All the teachers that make an effort to get to know all their students!

Lou Walker, my uni lecturer

I love teachers!

Miss Ty because she was my dance teacher

My favourite teacher was inspiring to me. She loved literacy and shared her gifts in an encouraging way.

Mr Haldane. Inspired creativity and zaniness. Embrace your individuality

My friends are teachers who have provided a life time of service to children in country Victoria.

Ms Enterkin. Be brave.

Mrs. T and Mrs. S thank you for being amazing teachers. May the force be with you! Daniel Vader

Thank you for all the teachers in my life and making me who I am.

Thank you for helping me when I was stuck on my subjects Mrs Albert

This is a great opportunity to thank my Physics teacher Mr Rharbaoui teaching at my College in French. I loved participating in his class, asking questions, and creating some small electronics inventions. I distinctively remember that one day he said to my father that he deeply believed I’d be very successful in life one day, and it seems that I am nearly there now. Thanks for your passion and for your beautiful soul. I hope you are well and happy with your loved ones. Take care, Guillaume M.

My chemistry teacher inspired me to study chemistry. When I did my PhD 10 years later, she was there!

My physics teacher Rolf was important because he believed in me

Thank you Ms Jebb for being kind, inspiring and always looking after us. Go Gen! #ThankYourTeacher

My mum and dad, they were the best teachers to me and still are to many others .

They teach life skills

I thank miss Katrina cuz she was the best teacher I had in uni so far

To all the amazing educators at Monash Education who inspire future teachers.

Seshna M

Teachers are awesome

My VCE teachers, who went above and beyond for me during my last few years of study, inspired me to go into teaching,

Kais favourite teacher is Andrew, Kai loves it when he reads books in class

Thank you for supporting me all the time.

Thank you for helping me in math and writing

Thanks Mr. Hill!


We’re both teachers, so I know we’d like to thank our awesome colleagues who do amazing work with their students and supporting us in our work.


A big thank you to @chisholminstitute and a fav former teacher turned Senior Educator @StevenCahill. You played a significant role in my learning which formed the catalyst for life success and everything I value today. #ThankYourTeacher @MonashEducation

Ms Lau bcos she taught me a lot!

Our rowing coach Gareth, because he is amazing

We love Mr Wong our amazing Latin teacher who is alway energetic. And motivated to help students and help us achieve Latin supremacy

I like my teacher mrs Johnson because she is really nice 😁😁😛

Thank you for always believing in me!

Thank you to all teachers!

Thanks to all the teachers in our family for the awesome work you do.

Teachers are awesome!! They teach all other professions...!

Mr Liu, thanks for your care

Thanks great appreciate to our teacher

To JACK , Thank you for a super memorable class.

Although I do not have a positive reflection on any particular teachers in my school years I would like to thank Mrs Lyn Henshall who was a wonderful educator and helped one of my three daughters in particular through navigating her high school years with humour and good advice. I don’t remember my commercial teachers name but I should thank her for teaching me to type, who would have thought it would prove to be so helpful!

Thank your teacher

Thanks all of my great teachers

Although I am in technology but my favourite was a humanities teacher. He opened up my mind. He had a great sense of humour. I still remember vividly his memories.. .....

Great teachers make great lives better

Teacher have so much to give to the community and assistant teachers have just the same. Let them teach your students and make the future better. I am a German teacher from the USA and I wish that more people would find teaching wonderful and pertinent to students but the US public doesn’t feel that way nor, do they know how to make it better. Takes care and have a good day.

Sally Howdy

Thank you to my special mum, the best teacher of them all

Celebrating teachers all over Australia

Marilyn F

Peter Taylor was my secondary science teacher who helped me appreciate that learning is something students do, by walking out on us when we didn’t make the effort! Thanks Peter.

Scott W

My first 4 classes junior school teacher,taught me love for literature and kindness

Every single one of my teachers inspired me to become an educator and I am grateful for the role they all played in my life and education 😊❤️

Tnx all loving STAFF

Our daughter Kimberley is a fantastic and well-loved teacher !

My Business Management teacher has sparked my interest in studying education and commerce in uni.

I can’t be here without the inspiration of my secondary teacher, Ms Leong

2 daughters are primary school teachers!

Because we would be lost without them

My English teacher from USA

Teacher is an integral part of our life. What we are because of them. I feel proud to have wonderful teachers who contributed their efforts and time for us.

Mr Van Cuylenberg was my science teacher who praised the virtue of consistency over sporadic excellence

Mrs Barton is the best

Thank you so much to all the wonderful teachers at MPRPS, what lucky kids ☺️

Thank you

Thank you Mrs Chan for this year.

Mr Cox because he tailerd my courses to suit my interests in electronics

My geography teacher was amazing! He was always approachable and gave sound advice

Mrs. Carlos because she always made me feel cared for.

My teacher made me feel happy!

Miss Weian is my favourite teacher

Maddy is magical

Mr Hardie is great and he makes me laugh.

Mr. Essing is a great teacher because he tells funny stories and he makes me feel special.

I loved the teacher who did this job by heart. I will always remember my mentor in professional experience time, heike jung. She has already passed. So sad a great teacher like her.

Greetings from Australia to the ph Karlsruhe 😄, Martina schorb

Sometimes it’s hard a job and I feel undervalued, but I love making people happy😄

Thank u

My teacher was important because they taught me valuable life lessons.

My favourite teacher is Chandra. Despite his age, he is really a nice teacher

Thank you all my lovely, passionate and wise teachers from primary, secondary & high school, until PhD degree, in Finland! Without you I would not be here in Australia!

Mr.FERNANDES, He taught me about life.

Thank you

Teachers.. They are the ones who helped me to get this far and to get success.

Peter H my favourite Librarian

Sarah because she was a great art teacher

Myrna McAllen was an inspiring teacher mentor to me.

Miss Dungan put me on the path Thankyou!

Every teacher I’ve met gives something special to students. Teachers you are awesome!

Lars Petter always saw me in school

Stein Tornquist always made me laugh

My professor Richard Pring taught me to write much better and do philosophy. Every sentence counts - absolutely no ‘fluff’ !

Scott W

Teachers help us grow into the people we are today! Thank you!

Inspiring maths teacher changed my life

Teachers are hard working and not appreciated of what they deserve keep up the good work

Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Mrs year 3&4 teacher many years ago

Miss Harrison because she lets us have free play

Because they teach us so we become better people and safer people

I’ve always wanted to be a sport superstar and my sport teacher has let me pursuit my dream

Mrs. Wood helps me to be better

Miss O'Toole is cool

Dear teacher thank you for teaching me love from Aarshy

Howard Reade at Osborne primary was a totally inspirational man and gentleman

Miss Brodie

Miss de .because she taught me about time tables

Missing my time at Monash. Love for all my Teachers.

Leigh and Denise for the passionate and inspirational lessons where your passion really shines #chooseeducation

Thank you for your wonderful job

My English teacher is important to me as she understands the different levels at which the class operates

My teacher is a great role model and can always help me even when I’m too embarrassed to ask. They dedicate ether time to help me have a great future.

A big Thank you to give me a great learning experience.

Ms Quigley! She instilled in me a sense of passion, drive and care for others. Thanks for believing in me when it was hard to believe in myself.

Ms Roper, for being an awesome English teacher!

Mr Mason for giving me the confidence to be a teacher too

Misti-Jai Brydon

All the teachers in the world who teach the future generation.


Ms. Bartlett, thank you for making Humanities so fun!


Mr Williams helped me through a difficult period of my life and was amazingly patient and caring

Rebecca Fitzgerald

I am thankful for Ms Wight because she helped to guide me through school


Ms Dunn she pushed me to be more

Anita Synnott

Mr Smith - for keeping the classroom light and fun in times of stress


Steven Bowler, for making english language a more bearable subject.

Taha Samani

Psychology teacher who always put her students first.


Ms Mcdonald as she was very supportive and made learning enjoyable


Mrs Joyce as she made learning fun for me and supported me through year 11 english


Mrs Rollinson because she has made psychology so enjoyable


Sr Genieve - Best Maths teacher ever

Venesser Fernandes

Dee-sensei is a great teacher because she comforts and gives a lot of advice to her students. She is someone I can talk to on a personal level.


Ms John as she helped me develop my English skills


Mrs Procel as she helped me understand the importance of evidence and textual analysis


Mrs Blair for Yr 12 English


My year 12 french teacher inspired me to become a teacher


Ms Kirkpatrick inspired me beyond words

Marina Diraki

My Year 12 English teacher was the reason that I chose to become a teacher. Thank you Miss Palm!

Dafina Spahiu

My politics teacher Ms Mattheson because she is so passionate and smart


My high school English teacher, Ms Tintin! She taught me to think for myself and be proud of my ideas.

Lirio Mapa

Thanks to my teacher Mr Kamwaza for believing in me


Mrs Shields. She was my grade 4 teacher and taught us pig latin which was our “secret language.”

Grace Lin

Wendy Sheppard who inspired me to teach


primary math teacher/tuition teacher, taught me how to enjoy learning and had me tutor younger kids at the age of 11 which was really fun

ann cheah

Dr Sarah Hopkins


My grade 3 teacher, kind and patience

Trinh giang

Thanks Mr Yan for teaching me history in high school.


Thank Dr Matafwali