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If you can't visit our interactive display at Federation Square and social media is not your thing, you can leave your message of thanks here.

At the end of this campaign we will collate all the messages and send them to all the teachers we know.

Your messages

"Thank you to my former English and literature teacher, Mr Ian Coffey. Mr Coffey instilled my love of writing and reading which led to a communications degree and the past ten years working in roles that require high levels of written and oral communications. He was also responsible for the St. Peter's College debating team and it was through that I gained much experience presenting to audiences. I use these skills every day in presenting to all different types of audiences about Monash. A sincere thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your students."

Amy Newman (formerly Little)

"Shirley Smith/Buckley the very best educator with a marvellous career that spanned many decades starting at St Joseph’s Chelsea Thank you,"

Dawn Carroll

"I would like to thank Hayden Ramsay for being an inspirational lecturer, a good friend and most of all one of the most genuine people I've met. Hayden's example of honesty, even brutal at times, was key in convincing me that he was inspired himself. I was thus more inclined to apply the truth of his lectures to my own life and tough decisions I had to make and life changed for me in the most remarkable way...not where everyone else wanted me to go, but right where I needed to be. I thank you Hayden and so does my precious family."

Kieran Meade

"It's hard to thank only one teacher as I've been lucky to encounter at least 3 teachers who guided me towards becoming who I am today. Thank you to T.L. Kuzmina, Rimma Pavlovna and Dr Boudarina for sharing their passion for language teaching and learning."

Anna Podorova

"Let's remember to thank our university teachers, too! Professor John Loughran at Monash inspired me to see good teaching for the sophisticated and complex endeavour that it is and to encourage others to do the same. THANK YOU JOHN!"

Amanda Berry

"Thank you to the English and Geography teachers at Moreland High School in 1967. I had become disillusioned with school but those fantastic teachers found ways to get me re-engaged and finish my Matric with Honours. I will never forget their understanding and kindness - even though at times it was tough love - it worked!"

Elaine P

"Dear Mrs Pegg,
Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I was in hospital for a full term at Brompton Primary School in South Australia so missed a lot of school. Once I was well enough to return to school, Mrs Pegg spent every lunch time with me, helping me to catch up. I will never forget her kindness and her way of teaching inspired me to become a teacher too."

Elaine P

"I want to thank my mentor, Professor Louis Waller AO, who sadly passed away this year. Louis inspired countless Law students with his razor-sharp intelligence, passion for justice and empathy for the world at large."

Rachel Kessel

"I had two committed English teachers who inspired my engagement and immersion in reading literature and writing, which helped me articulate written words, two memorable French teachers who sparked my interest in foreign languages, and a compassionate and insightful art teacher who helped me realise a career in the creative industries was possible! Thanks to these teachers."


"I want to thank all of my lecturers for the Masters of Counselling (Education Faculty) for the knowledge and skills they have imparted. It is invaluable to me and I am much better for it as a human!"

Faeeza Jawaid

"Sue Fisher
Colleague and friend
I love that we are on the same page
I enjoyed our education talks, although infrequent now
Kids Don’t have the benefit of your skill by luck, they have it by design.
You work for the joy of kids achieving."

Rosemary Westwood

"Mrs Barbara Craig at Pinewood Primary School 1969
I truly felt I was an individual in a large class, that she knew and understood me as a person and honoured her profession by challenging me. I was inspired and never forgot...and that is why I became a teacher.
PS Our 47 year reunion ( since Grade 6) is this weekend and Mrs Craig has been to the last few. I truly look forward to talking with her."

Rosemary Westwood

"Dear Dr Jane Southcott, you are often in my thoughts even after nine long years. Thanks for being an amazing mentor."

Hemani Kiran

"Thank you Dr Thanh Pham and Dr Prasanna Srinivasan for demonstrating how to be an enthusiastic educator when I studied from 2014-2017. Both of you taught me how to be fearless and positive when facing challenge in career, thanks to all your encouragement and supports for my planning in research study. I really appreciate it!"

Wei Liu

"No thank you teacher. I never received any information about Karl Marx. One of the greatest thinkers that ever lived. So sad."


"Mr Fishwick - Thanks for watching out for me...

Bayles PS"

Adrian DelVecchio

"George Menteplay was just the best - in a one teacher school (Kenmare, Victoria, 1953). He went out of his way to guide a Dutch speaking immigrant pupil to learn English.

Miss Queen at the Tobruk Street primary school in Morwell, Victoria, 1954......what can I say; I was in love with her.

My parents later enrolled me at the Sacred Heart Catholic primary school, also in Morwell. Mostly negative memories, except for the strikingly beautiful Sister Loretto, and a memorably kind postulant, Sister Peter.

I attended St. Paul's College, Traralgon , in 1960 and 1961. The priests there were kind and fair. Father Hill was smitten by his memories as a chaplain in post war Japan, A very young Father Busby so often comes to mind because of his stories regarding Napier, New Zealand; his Marist Seminary there is in view of the home of a friend whom years later I visited for decades

The rest of my secondary school education was at Morwell High . Teachers of especial memory to me included Ian Fry (English), Prosper Pickburn (French), Cliff Peters (Art), and William Traill (Geography). I value them all, to this day.

Hoping my memories of the teachers that were part of my life can be of value to your survey , I'll sign off........."

Stan Osmelak

"The teacher that I most respect is a lecturer I had throughout my undergraduate years at Monash. Dr Andrew Prentice was an inspirational teacher. He had an effective way of imparting his message, was passionate about mathematics and used humour effectively. In a large often anonymous community such as Monash he displayed compassion and empathy when my father passed away. He often joined our group at the Nott. After 40 years of mathematics teaching I have modelled my pedagogy on his teaching style. He was a real inspiration!!"

Mark Rolfe

"Mr R Kennett who taught Carrum Primary School . He started the rugby run with animals , sheep, bird aviary on school grounds, He taught us poetry, played music in class, we read out side under the trees on the oval, helped and nurture animals . I had the best grade 5 Teacher. He taught me to believe in myself and enjoy what challenges could bring to you.
I wish everybody had a teacher like him. He always agave a 110% .Always went above and beyond to help you out when you had troubles. Even in high schoo, he had time for me.
Thank you so much
Mr Kennett."

Leanne Isaac

"The Monash Uni Geography Department 1968-1971 was my inspiration. I did Fourth Year Geography Honours in 1971 and was encouraged by the professional and personal attention I received from Prof Mal Logan, Mr Geoff Robinson, Dr Jim Peterson and Dr Jim Whitelaw. The latter commented that my Monash Honours Thesis was probably worth a Masters. Prof Logan then paved the way for me to pursue postgraduate research with Prof George Dury at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin USA where I was awarded the Whitbeck Fellowship. The foundations provided at Monash and Wisconsin stood firm through a teaching career in both secondary and tertiary education. I am now a 70 year old retired teacher / lecturer / Principal / Senior Policy Officer / Ministerial Adviser / Educational Consultant and I thank all my teachers for the foundations they built in me. Washington University in St Louis recently encouraged me to do a six week research / study tour of 11 states in USA so I certainly endorse the idea of lifelong learning. My thanks to all those educators who played a part in facilitating my path through primary, secondary and tertiary education so that I could play my own part in the continuing world of education. Thanks for a wonderful career."

Malcolm Mathias

"Thank you Sister Genevieve at Loreto 1987, for passing on valuable life lessons in Year 12 Biology:
“ girls as you are in year 12 now be sure to stay away from boys and germs’! Words to live by"

Samantha Lipscombe

"Monash University 1965
By March, university start, I felt ready for study, but again I had no idea about what lay before me. After night school the year before, I was ready and willing to put in the long hours necessary for success, but was totally ignorant of the modus operandi of universities. Orientation week is but a blur. Being a very busy ‘part-timer’, I had no time for the advantages of career counselling or course advice, so I simply bit off more than what I could chew. Having enrolled in first year Politics without any background at secondary level or the faintest understanding of political parties, let alone political theory, I was a babe in the woods, who attended lectures, took copious notes but made little sense of the subject.

My Tuesdays were spent teaching a whole day to very demanding junior classes (after several hours of preparation and correction the night before), followed by a jump in the car, a sizeable drive to Monash- at Clayton, find a park in a busy car park patrolled by eagle-eyed inspectors, then tear towards the lecture theatre.

Already all but the back row was crammed with young eggheads, bright-eyed and enthusiastic looking types.. Much of my energy was dissipated by now, replaced by weary acknowledgement that there was still a job to do. I sat, listened and scrawled until I drifted off, only awakened by my hand as is cauight my pen before it hit the floor with a thud.

Sometimes Id woke after a heavy dream. Way down the front our lecturer and a student were haranguing each other in front of the assembled throng of 200 students. The lecturer’s name I have forgotten, but his assailant, one Albert L.., caught my eye many a time in the newspapers. Perhaps younger students thought such interruptions funny or just light relief for post-session speculation. I was not amused that that precious ten minutes was squandered for such indulgence!.

So I failed politics but, after three years of excruciating toil had gained a pass in three first year subjects. In the interim though, I’d been granted some part-time leave from my teaching duties so, after only half a day of school teaching, I could drive in less of a mad rush to the Monash campus, have a light lunch in the cafeteria and pretend that I was a university student. Thus, while I didn’t learn much, I did gain some paper credits….

My Indonesian language experience, where we were taught in a laboratory by a native-speaking Indonesian with recent experience in teaching short course Bahasa Indonesia to air force personnel, left me floundering and lost. Half his class (including me) failed initially, but, reassessed, gained credit for the subject.

My other ‘success’ was French. After my seven years of studying French, I could read novels fluently in this beautiful language. Yet, when my wife and I travelled to Paris some years later, my effort at finding the nearest station in French was ridiculed. Why? Instead of asking the closest Frenchman where was the station (“Ou est la gare?”) , I blurted out, where was the war? (Ou est la guerre?) I won’t bother to report his answer but, c’est la vie!

After four years of trying to balance a busy teaching career with part-time study, my efforts had met with limited success. I became an easy target for the myriad of recruitment posters arriving from Canada and the USA. As several colleagues had already signed to join the exodus to teach or study overseas, I became more and more interested. Yet, with just a two year primary school teaching certificate and three first year degree subjects, I didn’t have much chance of getting a job in a larger Canadian city where I could also study"

George William Gunton

"A huge shout out to all teachers (and don't forget all the dedicated school support staff too). You work in the most important profession in the world and you do make a difference in the lives of so many children. I taught for 42 years and loved every minute. Keep up the great work."

Ray Robertson

"I would like to thank a teacher that inspired me to become a teacher.Her name is Rita Van-Haren.She was my English teacher at High School.She also became my Mentor while at University.She gave me a love of learning!"

Shellie Testaz

"At Caulfield State School 773, Mr Richards a wonderful friendly teacher.
At Gardenvale Central School, Mrs Southern
At Melbourne High School; Mr David Nixen, Mr Brian Corless, Mr Ben Munday ( most amazing teacher )
All outstanding and some legendary and all highly likely to be deceased"

Henrie Ellis

"Thank you Miss Davis, Principal at St Catherines School, for teaching us about two important life skills; humility and perseverance."

Allana Young

"I was on the verge of leaving school at 15 & my
parents were fine with this decision .
But the nuns who taught me said I was good at English and must finish school and then go to University. With the help of a scholarship ,I did.
In 1968 I graduated from MONASH with an Arts & Education qualification. For the past 25 years I have run a successful& well known Writers Agency: Booked Out and I now work with thousands of teachers Australia wide each year.
Those teachers changed the course of my life ."

Lauris Pandolfini

"Br Bart Dillon at St Joseph's Christian Brother's College in Abbotsford introduced me to mathematics, particularly trigonometry and calculus. He instilled a love for mathematics, that I still have today. He is no longer with us, but I will always be grateful to him for creating that spark. Thanks Br Dillon."

Bosco Rowland

"Thank you very much Mr.Zhang (Primary Chinese teacher)

My life was supposed to drop out of school, then go to another city to make hard money and send them back to family, then accept a arranged marriage with a good guy who lived in nearby village.

Yet, I luckily built confidence and was encourage by Mr.Zhang that I could be a top student regardless of my gender or family background.

Then, my life turned to be educated in elite middle schools, then Top universities in China, then I received higher euducaton abroad in Monash Uni.

As my mum always said, the best life she expected I could have may just receive college, it is like a dream that I could manage to study abroad.

I did it if there was no encouragement from my first teacher- Mr. Zhang. It was him who showed me that there would be bigger world for anybody as long as u fight for it.

Later years, i happene to him on the market that he was selling vegetables with his wife coz actually he was just casual employed teacher and had no teaching qualifications. So he was fired by school due to the new policy at that time. (Which was proved unfair later).

He actually already forgot me and had no idea what he brought to me.

Once I settle down, my mum and I will plan to say thank you in person to him. I wana do something for him too.
Most important things is he teaches me what a good teacher should be for the students- believe these kids’ talent and inspire them.
Thank you again!"

Dongzhi Wu

"I am deeply grateful to all the teachers in the Education faculty of Monash. The experience studying here was unforgettable and it reminds me the true meaning of teachers and how a good teacher should be. Sadly, I was not able to attend the graduation ceremony. I miss Mel so much, hope I can come back later"

Sharon Yuan

"Thank you to two current teachers in my life they are Jane Southcott and Maria Gindidis. They are two extremely powerful, intelligent women who have different personalities but share a love of education. They empower me with the belief that anything is possible if you want to affect change in your life."

Rose Wake

"Angela has taught me to be fearless; I tend to become doubtful with my teaching when students don't co-operate with me or when I don't understand how to answer their question(s). However, Angela taught me that in the end we're all humans, and that students actually appreciate you as a teacher if you are honest with them. I found this advice very valuable."


"Watching Wilko build a relationship with his kids and seeing his passion for teaching were two of many qualities that I took away from my placement."


"I learnt from Louise to be open and receptive to learning new and creative approaches from your colleagues and to be collaborative in my approach to teaching."


"My mentor teacher Anastasia is a very passionate professional. After decades of service in the education sector, she has not only accumulated a wealth of teaching strategies, she is highly empathic. This has given me tremendous hope."


"Adam creates a really positive teaching environment for all students. For different groups of students, he will use different ways to communicate with them. There are also many teaching strategies, I would like to imitate in my future career."


"My mentor teacher Abbey helped me become a better teacher by encouraging me to find my own identity and allowed me to establish her classroom as my own. Abbey helped me find tools and resources for teaching, however how I implemented them was within my control, giving me support and independence in my teaching practice. Abbey also completed professional development meetings with me, and rather than just observing, prompted me to participate as though I was a teacher at the school, allowing me to build conversation with other teachers about what I was implementing in 'my' classroom, which allowed me to build on my teaching practice and learn from a broad range of teachers in my professional development."


"Aaron has really impacted my teaching by connecting theory and practical within the classroom. He has allowed me to develop excellent classroom management strategies and really put into perspective that teaching and learning is more than just content delivery and should be viewed as an ongoing process of professional development."


"Thank you to my English teacher who taught me to speak English as a second language. I still remember her making me practice my P's and T's in front of a candle, so that the flame would flicker. She encouraged me to keep improving my English, and not to stop at being 'average'."

Tania Webster

"Mr Williams, you nurtured my love of poetry."

Rebecca Fitzgerald

"Mr Sharp taught me to look to the past to understand the present and to search for those voices missing in history. He taught me to be curious about the world. These are lessons I still carry close to my heart, nearly 30 years later. I am so grateful."

Lara McKinley

"Thank you to Ms Zhao who has always believed in me and my potential when I didn't myself. You've done more for me than you could ever imagine."

Jennifer Li

"I'd like to thank my music teacher - she allowed me to improvise and play by ear."

Tania W