A creative wave

A creative wave

8 June 2005

International design project

Digital image by team JabbahMonash plays a lead role in the world's largest international online design project for students. The seven-week Creative Waves project brings together 61 design students from 22 countries.

Conceived by Mr Vince Dziekan, digital imaging course coordinator in Monash's Department of Multimedia and Digital Arts, and Mr Rick Bennett, founder of the Omnium Project (Australia) at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Creative Waves is endorsed by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda).

The initial stage of the project required students to simultaneously take a series of photographs wherever they were in the world. This was followed by more photographic fieldwork and digital image creation, leading to increasingly collaborative design work.

Mr Dziekan said the online design project, which took 12 months to devise and plan, set a new benchmark for international online collaboration and design education.

"Creative Waves brought together students from all parts of the globe including countries as diverse as India, Jordan, Peru, China and Slovakia," Mr Dziekan said. "Using a virtual design studio, participants were able to interact closely in creative exchanges, and swap and share digital files to produce team-based, collaborative graphic responses to weekly challenges.”

"More importantly perhaps, was the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue and discussion through live chat sessions with teachers and some of the world's leading professional designers, writers and theorists, who acted as their mentors."

The final weeks of the program saw student teams refine their shared design responses to a single, final image.

"The single outcomes betrayed the intensive activity and energy involved," Mr Dziekan said. "Overall, the project produced more than 500 visual designs, over 3000 written messages and 18 galleries of work."