A little bit of Parkville

A little bit of Parkville

1 July 1992

Victoria’s first training school for pharmacists and druggists was founded in 1882 as part of the Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria. Originally, the school was located in Swanston Street, where chemistry, botany and pharmacy were taught to aspiring students. In 1958, the Society bought land in leafy Parkville, and the move to Royal Parade also meant a new academic approach.

When the Dawkins reforms were announced, the College had 420 students.

For the College of Pharmacy, the logical choice for a merger partner appeared to be the University of Melbourne, which was located just across the road on Royal Parade. When tentative deals with the University of Melbourne fell through, the Pharmacy College joined Monash instead.

The Faculty of Pharmacy became the first stand-alone faculty of pharmacy headed by its own dean in Australia. The first dean of the new faculty was Colin Chapman, who led the faculty from 1991 until 2006.

Joining Monash meant that research in pharmaceutical sciences could develop further, gaining the Faculty an international reputation in research, and further degrees were created for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Parkville campus becomes the first Faculty of Pharmacy in Australia.