University Unlimited

The genesis and inspiration for the 'Our Living History' project was the book University Unlimited: The Monash story by Emeritus Professor Graeme Davison and Dr Kate Murphy. We thank the authors and Dr Annabelle Baldwin for their advice and support in re-purposing content from the book for the website.


The Monash University Archives provided most of the images used to illustrate 'Our Living History'. The Archives have an online database of images that can be requested for use in print and digital publications. We would also like to acknowledge the following photographers:

  • Andrew Curtis
  • Aviation Services & Photographics P/L
  • David Foot
  • David Harris
  • David Taft
  • Frederick Edward Murphy (via State Library Victoria)
  • Greg Ford
  • Herve Alleaume
  • J D Payens
  • John Hearder
  • Mary Nixon
  • Michelle Downing
  • Peter Bage
  • Peter Cleland
  • R L Bryant
  • Richard Crompton
  • Ritter-Jeppesen Studios
  • Talma
  • Terry Martin
  • Tony Miller
  • Trevor Hicks
  • Wolfgang Sievers

Something to add?

If you have a Monash story that you'd love to see added to 'Our Living History', send the details through to