The unexpected midwife

The unexpected midwife

30 May 2014

Natasha LjubinovicMonash administrative coordinator, Natasha Ljubinovic, helps deliver a baby in a nearby petrol station. While paying for petrol on her way home from work, Ms Ljubinovic was confronted by a distraught husband whose wife had gone into labour.

As a former nurse, Ms Ljubinovic took control of the situation and it wasn’t long before the baby girl was delivered. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, but Ms Ljubinovic calmly instructed the father to carefully unwind the cord. She then cleared the baby girl's airway so she could start breathing.

When the paramedics arrived on the scene they praised Ms Ljubinovic's expertise and bedside – or rather “car side” – manner.

The drama unfolded outside the Woolworths service station on Wellington Road, not far from the Clayton campus’ main entrance. Ms Ljubinovic, a quick thinker, even took the precaution of getting some antiseptic lotion from the attendant before taking control of the birth.

At work the next day Ms Ljubinovic said it was an amazing feeling to deliver the baby girl. "I am still emotional and in shock,” Ms Ljubinovic said. The baby was taken to Monash Medical Centre’s maternity centre and a spokeswoman later confirmed that both mother and daughter were doing well.