Breaking ground on heart hospital

Breaking ground on heart hospital

23 October 2018

Artist impression of the Victorian Heart Hospital

A collaborative partnership between the Victorian Government, Monash Health and Monash University, the Victorian Heart Hospital will bring world-leading cardiovascular care to all Victorians.

Projected to open in 2022, the hospital will have the capacity to provide 195 beds, 1,500 cardiac surgeries and 13,500 cardiac laboratory procedures, catering for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and 108,000 consultations annually.

Monash University and Monash Health staff and students will have access to multi-functional labs for engineering, IT and biomedicine, as well as a design lab and simulation rooms.

The hospital’s clinical research facilities are at the centre of the hospital's integrated research culture, enabling Monash's world-leading researchers to collaborate with clinicians and fast-track new solutions for patients.

Once completed, the hospital will be a major employer in the region, directly employing more than 850 people across clinical care and research.