Bright economist

Bright economist


Remembering Keith Frearson

Of the many bright economists hired by Dean Donald Cochrane, none shone as brightly as Keith Frearson.

Born in 1922, son of a storekeeper in the West Australian wheat belt, Keith Frearson joined the Royal Australian Air Force. His war service earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross for his role flying Lancasters over Germany.

After the war, he studied economics in Perth and then at Cambridge.

Cochrane invited him to join Monash’s new Faculty after a short stint at the University of Melbourne, and Frearson leapt at the chance. He fully devoted himself to Monash, living on campus at Mannix College. His students found him to be an inspiring teacher and a great support.

He could frequently be seen propping up the bar at the Nott and appearing at social events in a dinner jacket and the red and white socks of his beloved Swans football team.

His impact on Monash was not only in the classroom, but outside it as well.