Chicken biryani, anyone?

Chicken biryani, anyone?

24 August 2005

Halal food hits campus

Halal optionsThe University’s multicultural cohort is reflected by new initiatives that welcome students from all countries, including providing halal fare at campus eateries.

Muslim students and lecturers can now enjoy a wide range of halal fare at the Monash Meeting Point in the Campus Centre including biryani, rice, chicken, meat dishes and cakes. Signs are displayed to indicate the food is halal, and it is separate from non-halal food.

Mr Mohamed Mohideen, a lecturer in the Department of Microbiology and member of the Monash University Mosque Committee, said he was pleased Monash's Islamic community was now able to enjoy halal food on campus.

"Monash has more than 500 Islamic students and staff who previously had to bring their lunch from home or go off-campus to find suitable food," he said.

"Most people wouldn't realise, but some breads are held together with beef gum and some cheeses contain rennet. Both of these are animal products and if they come from non-halal sources are prohibited under Islamic guidelines."

It's very important for Muslims to be aware of what they're eating because it's an intrinsic part of their religion and not just a dietary requirement.