Clayton masterplan wins award

Clayton masterplan wins award

8 November 2016

Clayton MasterplanMonash is recognised for excellence in turning the Clayton campus into a dynamic, vibrant and sustainable location. The Monash University blueprint for the next 20 years of development has won the 2016 Victorian Award for Excellence under the ‘From Plan to Place’ category by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).

The Clayton masterplan, designed by Monash University’s Buildings and Property Division and MGS Architects, was recognised for achieving positive and tangible change as a result of planning by bringing a plan to life on the ground.

The Executive Director of the Buildings and Property Division Bradley Williamson said the masterplan established a unified vision and ordered structure for the future development of our campus. “It aligns the University's physical identity with the strategic goals outlined in Focus Monash and pursues excellence in every facet of campus development. It guides the physical transformation of our campuses, enriching the experience and adapting to meet the needs of our growing campus community.”

The masterplan focuses on the evolution of Clayton into a campus of excellence, a leader in education and research distinguished by world-class design. This includes environmentally-sustainable infrastructure, welcoming buildings, engaging landscapes and curated public art.