Downfall of a VC

Downfall of a VC

11 July 2002

In June 2002, Vice-Chancellor David Robinson was preparing for the launch of a new research centre at King’s College in London.

As he flew to the opening, an article appeared in the Times Higher Education Supplement, revealing that in 1983 David Robinson had admitted to plagiarising fellow researchers.

Although he quickly assured Monash Chancellor Jerry Ellis that this was the only instance, a Monash academic soon came forward having found further examples.

The Vice-Chancellor quickly returned to Melbourne on the eve of the Centre’s opening. The two men agreed that Robinson should leave Monash. Robinson released a brief statement saying that he was ‘obviously disappointed to be leaving Monash’.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Peter Darvall, was appointed as Robinson’s short-term replacement, while the search for a long-term Vice-Chancellor recommenced.