Creative coding


28 May 2014

Monash launches its first free online course Creative Coding, a step towards flexible learning opportunities for students. More than 11,000 students from around the world have registered for this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the University’s first.

Professor Darrell Evans, Vice-Provost (Learning and Teaching) and lead for Monash MOOC development, said this new innovative way of learning would help grow the capability of the University.

“It is exciting to be able to take a new Monash course to such a worldwide audience, but it is what we can learn from building and delivering MOOCs that will be the most important outcome for the University and our students,” he said.

The core business of the University is on-campus students but every Monash degree is becoming more blended thanks to the benefits of online learning: flexibility, mobile access and multimedia resources.

As short courses, MOOCs won’t provide the scope or depth of single units in a Monash degree. What they do give Monash is the opportunity to create high-quality learning materials and evaluate them through learning analytics.

The launch of MOOCs reflects the University’s commitment to innovative teaching practices, with the future bringing new study opportunities such as distance learning and even full Monash degrees being offered online.

Learning to program is no longer just for computer specialists and software developers