Monash expands

Monash expands

1 July 1990

Monash and Chisholm merge

By early March 1988, Chisholm had emerged as Monash’s favoured partner.

Founded in 1922 as the Caulfield Technical School, Chisholm began as a trade-training institution. It offered courses in carpentry and blacksmithing. By 1990, it was a comprehensive college offering degrees and diplomas in business, computing, engineering and psychology. After merging with the State College of Victoria at Frankston, the resulting Chisholm Institute had a student body almost half the size of Monash’s.

Chisholm’s director, Geoff Vaughan and Monash’s Logan were both keen on the merger. But some Monash academics were concerned. Engineers and economists were particularly worried, knowing that Chisholm had similar departments themselves. Would the lower qualifications of Chisholm’s staff and the lower entrance scores for their students impact upon Monash’s higher standards? The Faculty of Economics and Politics (ECOPS) was concerned that their increased specialisation in management, marketing and accounting now overlapped with Chisholm’s David Syme School of Business.

One casualty of the merger was Chisolm director Dr Geoff Vaughan. His new role in the ‘greater Monash’ was not as he had imagined. He was made deputy vice-chancellor (administration) with a portfolio of minor logistical matters. Although he was later made deputy vice-chancellor (research), he soon departed for a senior administrative position in Canberra.